Saturday, July 23, 2022

July, 23rd, 2022

 July, 23rd

It's Caturday, and National vanilla ice cream day, the kitties are loving the cooler weather this week! 

Apollo giving us a real big stretch!

Archie is a shy boy, he loves his condo and likes to keep an eye on everything!

Athena just awoken from a nap!

Aziz loves to chat!

Buzz and Kiwi always enjoying the catio!

Condi can be found almost anywhere and is making friends!

Dizzy relaxing in his condo!

Ernie and Goldie are explorers, and always up for some pets!

Hana likes to keep cozy in her condo, while Yuki like to be up high!

Jazz enjoying her favorite spot on one of our heated beds!

Harvey getting in a good toe bean stretch!

Kermit and jump are both making lots of kitty friends here!

Will loves to be on the Catio while Leo prefers the comfort of his condo, that is until it's chin scratching time!

Luna did lots of exploring today!

Maggie napping away!

Marvin on his way to get some pets!

Mimi came out for some sun today!

Mittens in her favorite heated bed!

Pepper getting ready for a long nap!

Phill Collins has found a new nap spot today!

Pikku and Runo keeping cozy at the top of the stairs!

Roo waiting patiently for dinner!

We will see you all on Monday!


                                                         AMK TEAM


  1. Aww hope Archie gets less shy during his stay!!