Friday, July 29, 2022

July 29th, 2022

 July, 29th

Happy Friday, and happy national lasagna day! We hope everyone enjoys their weekend and keeps cool!

Archie has been coming out of his shell and has been enjoying the window beds, he still prefers his nice cool condo in the afternoons however!

      Aziz is such a treat! He is always greeting our customers and new cats each day! 

Buzz and Kiwi have found their favorite spots out on the catio, it's hard to get them to come in in the aftermew-n because they enjoy it so much!

     Doughnut and Spaghetti are already making purrselves at home! 

Ernie + Goldie have really come out of their shells + condos on this visit! Ernie still needs a break from socializing every now and then but he's doing so well! Goldie can't wait to go out on the catio every morning!

     Jack is such a sweetheart, it was so nice to see himself and out       enjoying the weather + scenery!

Juno is sweet as always, no problem here making herself at home starting with the best windowbeds!

Leopold Daniel Tiger looking oh so cool in his blog photo today, capturing his natural curiosity!

Will and Leo are taking it easy today! Will refuses to leave his lil spot on the catio and Leo prefers the comfort of his own bed!

Luna and Purr-C were totally stealing our hearts this morning with their adorableness on the catio! Luna was hamming it up for us!

Mila and Zlatka are enjoying the quiet, cool, and com"fur"t of their condo + opting to take it easy!

Mimi has found her favorite areas of the catio and that's where she can be found, cool as a "mew"cumber!

Mojito is making many friends, and keeping entertained with lots of toys!

Oreo and Panther love attention and will meow until pets are given! Panther has been in and out of my lap and arms all morning!

Rizzo was too busy enjoying the breeze of the trees to chat much, but she did grant us the one photo opp!

Maeve is still adjusting this visit, but I have high hopes she'll come out of her condo tomorrow and demand attention!

Roo seemed like he might help me with the pawffice work but decided to push things off the desk instead 😂

Zelda was playing her best hide and seek in her condo! If it hadn't been for the glowing eyes giving her away!

Watson has been enjoying his condo in between catio visits! 

Marvin looking like the king of the pack at the top of the stairs condos!

Oontz was also enjoying the top of the stairs condos and relaxing in the cool air!

                   See you all on Sunday!




  1. Missing our wittle Marvin. Thanks for the 📸

  2. Not surprising Luna and Purr-C are on the catio! Their favorite spot!! Glad they're adjusting. :o)