Wednesday, July 13, 2022

July 13, 2022

 July 13th

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Here are some cute furry friends to get you over the hump day!

Primrose is such a sweetie! She likes to follow me downstairs demanding snuggles although very politely!

Skyler has found his new favorite hangout on the book shelves! It is also Ming's favorite but they are willing to share!

Yuna is a wild woman! She loves playing with the other cats! She ran after Poseidon when it was his turn to head home yesterday! It was very cute!

Jinx is the most polite guy! He is always patient with the more playful cats!

Arlo and Remi have become more bold in the last couple of days! They have both been interested in exploring!

Oscar has been getting along well with the other cats! At first, he was not so sure but now he likes to watch what everyone is up to!

Brutus and Hyra are in love with the catio! Brutus is all about demanding snuggles and Hyra has a new favorite basket!

Ming and Nimbus have been exploring more and more! Ming has been hanging out with Skyler while Nimbus still loves the top of the stairs!

Monkey loves the catio! Every evening, it is a hunt to see where Monkey will be next!

Pancake is a sweetie! He loves food and it always eager to tell me when it is time to eat!

Pepper is a shier gal! She loves coming out in the morning while everyone is eating and then she heads back to her condo where she can watch everyone! What a cute wallflower!

Phil Collins has been trying out every basket and bed in the place! He has yet to decide which is his favorite!

Buzz and Kiwi have been exploring the past couple of days! They haven't gotten out onto the catio yet but they are super enjoying all the pets and attention!

Scout has been exploring the office! He loves climbing and watching the birds in the garden!

Jubilee is a very vocal guy! He loves to sit in the window box and sing to the neighbor at all hours!

Groot and Thor are starting to explore! Groot has been out and about while Thor loves watching from his condo!

Maggie loves her condo at the top of the stairs! She loves chatting with me as I go up and down the stairs!

Roxanne is back! She has settled in quickly and has been greeting old friends all day!

Cat Fun Fact! Spaying and neutering can extend a cat’s life. The Banfield Pet Hospital study found that neutered males live an average of 62 percent longer than unneutered cats and spayed females live an average of 39 percent longer than unspayed cats!

We will see you all on Friday!



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