Sunday, July 17, 2022

July 17, 2022

July 15th

Happy national Ice Cream Day + happy Sunday from the AMK Team!
Don't worry the kitties aren't having ice cream today, but no promises that we won'tšŸ¦

Cupcake was exploring the office today, while Remi hung back in the condo. Kiba was enjoying loves and snuggles!

Skyler was enjoying some private bath time on the bookshelf!

Jinx gave me a good laugh as I peered over the condos, I saw two ears and two very nonchalant eyeballs staring back at me. He was also enjoying the privacy of the bookshelf this morning!

Pepper was extremely sweet this morning and hung back in her condo and visited with me until I went to the next condo, and she went on her meowy way!

Luna was all over the catio this morning, checking out every corner for her purrfect spot!

Buzz + Kiwi also took up residence on the catio this morning and could only say a quick mew before continuing their very important bird watching!

Jazz was exceptionally sweet this morning and opted for condo cuddles before making her way out to the catio to see what the meowabaloo was about!

Roscoe took a short break from serenading the AMK Team and went to looking for meowschief!

Billie came out of her condo with lightning speed this morning, it was nice to see her relax and get to adventuring!

Jade took to her favorite spot atop the door, but then came down for some morning pets!

Brutus was a very chatty and enthusiastic guy this morning, he settled down this afternoon and actually took a spot next to Hyra. Hyra,  a creature of habit (or basket) has found her place and she's not giving it up for anybody!

Bootsie + Puss n' Boots had an early morning/afternoon snooze out on the catio. Puss settling for a basket overlooking the garden + Bootsie getting comfy in a cat cabin!

Millie was happy as a clam to be let out this morning, she took her time perusing the catio and waking up!

Mittens was patrolling for any snacks that anyone may have left but didn't mind stopping for a quick photo-op!

Maggie sang me lots of tunes this morning and decided she just wanted an extra 15 meownutes in bed!

Phil Collins made sure to get started early this morning and inspect everyone's beds just like Goldilocks!

Pancake was still snoozing when I came in, but he quickly + happily trotted up to me and gave me lots of loves! He's such a friendly face in the pawffice!

Mak finally came out of his condo and settled for the tops of the condos, all you can see is just a tiny lil pair of grey triangles and glowing eyes!

Hana + Yuki got settled into their normal mewtines this morning! 

Groot + Thor got right down to business this morning! No time for pawffee, get to work AMK Team!

Oscar had a grand time following me around this morning, trying to sneak in as many pets as possible!

Dizzy was soaking in the morning quiet and enjoying peace from his condo!

We will see you all on Tuesday!




  1. So many kitties. Love the meows here! Thanks AMK team!

  2. Happy kitties šŸˆ‍⬛

  3. Happy kitties šŸˆ‍⬛