Monday, August 7, 2023

August 7, 2023

 August 7, 2023

Happy Monday! Hope your week has started off well! Our kitty cats are staying cozy on this rainy day!

Angus is restful in his comfy hiding spot up above!

Beau is getting plenty of beauty sleep during this rainy day!

Billie awakens from her sleepy slumber to get some pets!

Cinder curiously gazes at her favorite wand toy.

Jake takes a peaceful, solo kitty nap while his sister Cleo shows us her playful side this afternoon!

Felix wakes up from his cat nap and searches for sister Scarlet, while she's lounging near the window this morning.

Gary is on the lookout this afternoon for new toys and his favorite feline friends!

Goose politely requests pets while window gazing today!

Jules ventures out to the catio in search of his furry friends!

Kuma patiently waits to explore the catio despite a little drizzle outside - he's a very brave boy!

Milo relaxes in his condo while checking out the sweet window view! 

Miso loves searching for toys on the catio, despite the rain! 

Murphey gets cozy in her condo and prepares to take the purr-fect kitty nap!

Obi enjoys a game of hide and seek alongside furry friends!

Oontz found the purr-fect hiding spot for his paw-some kitty nap today!

Pearly gazes at her feline pals below!

Rosie spends some time today finding new snoozing spots on the catio!

Syrax found time to get her beauty rest on this chill afternoon!

Taco awakens from her peaceful slumber to request gentle pets from staff!

Tibeau balances rest and play on this paw-some Monday morning!

Tors is on a mission to catch some toy mice!

Tux carefully stares at a distance toy wand.

Waimea was very excited for breakfast this morning! 

Zuli shows off a paw-some purr-sonality this afternoon, during a fun game of chase with furry pals!

Cat Fact: Did you know cats' inner ears are more sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure? They may have picked up on the sudden change in weather before we did!

We will see you all on Wednesday!

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