Friday, January 14, 2022

January 14, 2021

 January 14th 

Happy Friday!

What a crazy week! All of our furry friends are ready for the weekend! 

Bella and Luna are back and have settled in quickly! They have both settled out on the catio enjoying the warm sunlight and nice weather! 

Chef has been very curious today! We have had a couple more furry friends join us yesterday and he spent the morning greeting each other them! In the last photo, he is watching all the new faces very carefully! 

Cindy is being her usual vocal self! She is too funny how she lets me know what she wants and when she wants it! She is so little but makes up for it in personality! 

Scarlet and Felix are back and settling in! Scarlet has been ready to make friends! Felix has opted out of the photo shoot today! He was feeling a bit shy and he loves his basket! Scarlet has been all about the snuggles! 

Fennel and Shibden are having a fun day exploring and enjoying the sunshine! Shibden likes to follow me around as I clean! I like she wants to make sure I am doing a good job! 

Hana and Yuki are back and they have settled in like they never left! Hana is back to her favorite spot and Yuki has been busy exploring! Yuki has decided we are besties and likes to share my chair as I work on the computer! 

Jessica is a people cat! She loves to follow me around and see what I am up to! She is always eager to help me out with a nose or a paw!

Jules is having a grand time! He loves the catio and hanging out with Yolk! He is always eager to make new friends whether it is a person or other cat! 

Memo has been exploring a lot today! It was actually very difficult to get a photo of her when she is not in motion! She loves her condo and is quick to use it as her homebase!

Miniko has been starting to explore a lot yesterday and today! She has discovered that she loves rolling on the clean floor and battling the door frame! She especially loves the closet! 

Oscar is a new friend! He is settling in well! He has been doing a lot of exploring! He is more interested in smelling everything and ignores all the other cats so far! He is very polite!

Rumpelteazer and Vickie Sue loves their condo at the top of the stairs! They are always welcoming to other cats when they come to visit! Vickie Sue has started to have interest in exploring the downstairs! So far, she has stuck to the stairs themselves! 

Jules and Rumpelteazer becoming friends!

Timmu loves the window seat! The last couple of days have been very sunny and he loves to blast in the warm! If you walk over to say hi, he is quick to come over! 

Yolk loves exploring the catio! He loves the cat cabins and watching from high up as other customers come by! He is very sweet!

Zuko is taking his time to settle in! He loves his condo and has done a lot of exploring of his space! He has not been interested in making friends or more photos yet but we have plenty of time!

CAT FUN FACT! Maria Assunta left her cat, Tomasso, her entire $13 million fortune when she died in 2011! Making Tomasso one of the wealthiest animals in history! It is very weird that there is a list to begin with! 

Have a great start to the weekend and we will see you on Sunday! 



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