Sunday, January 2, 2022

January 2nd, 2022

 January 2nd, 2022

Here we are, folks! Back in action in this new year. We're hoping 2022 is our best year yet! We're so happy we got to ring in the midnight hour with such lovely furry babies. We're all still riding out that post-holiday lazy time. Most of the kitties are either still enjoying sleepy cuddles, but a few brave souls demand adventure and will hang out on the catio! Take a look.

Archie is one of the adventurous few who just had to get some fresh air today! His beautiful coat of fur certainly looks like he's built for this kind of weather. Me on the other hand... Well, I went out to take the pictures, and I think that's enough outdoors for me.

Artie is still loving being cozy and warm inside while Mini is starting to think about her New Year's resolution to do more birdwatching. Mini did a great stretch on the cat tree earlier, but it looks like birdwatching will have to wait until it's a bit warmer. Cozy time with sister it is!

Astro and Nova are doing great! They're usually a little shy when they first arrive, but once we come around with breakfast and dinner, these boys know who their friends are. They're so sweet and cuddly, I'm glad they're around to keep me warm!

CC had a total modeling session for me today, catching a few rays that broke through the clouds for a moment. She is just thriving! As the sun started to hide, she crawled into a warm den, too. Mango is more exploration inclined - while I've seen her find a cozy spot to nap, I think she enjoys running all over the cattery more than most.

Princess Chloe continues to be appreciative of our immense room service menu. Everything from her regular breakfast and dinner to cuddles on demand, why would she ever need to leave her room? A condo placed perfectly to see the whole room means entertainment is never in short supply. She's living the life!

Dexter and Watson had a great day today! Watson had a lot of fun with a pile of toys on a nice, comfy bed. What could be better? Dexter doesn't mind Watson hogging all the toys, because that just means he can hog all the blankets in their den! A fair trade.

Isn't Jack so handsome?! He's been doing really well in the office, exploring, looking at all the snow out of our windows, and being a very sweet boy. It's so funny how he knows his name - if he's sniffing around the room and I call to him, he always looks up! A very handsome and smart little guy.

Jade continues to enjoy her perch on high, but she hops down every now and then to join the other kitties in some play time or cuddles with us people. She got some good stretches and scratches in today, as well as a few pets and kind words as I went around snapping photos.

Oh, Juli! Our sweet little goofball! She's totally stolen the hearts of every staff member here at AMK. She's always got the best attitude, so happy to have a good cuddle, and she's got the routine down. A model citizen! She kindly shares her condo with anyone who wants to come and take a nap nearby.

King and Tut seem to be taking opposite approaches to the day! It may be obvious by  now, but I'm definitely more of a fan of the "indoors" type of day. But hey, if you're having a nice time out in that cold, go for it, buddy!

Lillie and Stormy are having a very normal day. It's great seeing how at home they are in their condo. Some kitties just can't wait to get out, and others totally understand that this is their home base. Lillie and Stormy are the latter! This is THEIR room, but they're kind enough to let others come nap with them if they want. Sweet little gals!

Oh my goodness. Momo and Marigold have been on the move! A busy day of window seats, flopping around, snuggles, pets... It's a lot on the agenda, but I think they're knocking off their to-do list one by one!

Patrick has been extra sweet the past few days! He's been asking for cuddles and snuggles, and I have never been one to decline such requests. He followed me outside for photos earlier, but I think he really just wants to be where the people are. 

Roscoe has been keeping cozy in his little basket today! Nothing like a warm perch up high where you can keep eyes on everyone else.

Saba was on the move today! It was hard to get a clear picture. Lots of cuddles were had in between adventures to the outdoors!

Oh, Scout! What a cutie! He's alternated between napping on top of this condo here and napping in our files. He's always close by so I can get a little snuggle in between all the work emails!

Shaggy is actually warming up to me! He seemed suspicious when we first met, but today he let me give him a good few pets, and he happily munched on his breakfast while I was still around. He's already won me over.

Watson has taken to visiting his buddies, King and Tut, at their condo. He'll crawl into their den and nap inside while the two brothers will nap on top of the den. This is my kind of socialization.

Gorgeous Yolk did some exploring today and found a few of the carriers stowed away in our office closet. We keep that door closed as much as possible, but every now and then we'll see a kitty sneak in to explore. I'm fine with him hanging around as long as he doesn't get INSIDE any of the carriers!

Thanks for having us care for your kitties in 2021. We look forward to getting to spend even more time with them in 2022! As we wind down from the busy holiday season, I hope we all get a nice sigh of relief and a good cuddle with our furry friends to help start the new year off strong.


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