Monday, January 24, 2022

January 24, 2022

 January 24th 

We hope your week is off to a good start!

Our furry friends are starting the week bright eyed and bushy tails!

Bella and Luna had a great day out and about! Bella spent the entire day on the catio! We had a large flock of birds visit us today and she was very attentive! Luna, on the other hand, found a new toy and she loves it! 

Frankie is starting to come out of his shell! He is still not interested in exploring outside of his condo but he is always curious to what I am doing! 

Scarlett has decided that she likes to sit behind me as I work on the computer! I am allowed only a small amount of the chair! Felix and I are slowly becoming better friends! He has been enjoying some head rubs today! 

Jessica has been very playful today! When she is not hanging out with Yolk, she is rolling around with me as I clean! 

Nyla is an other one who loves the flock of birds that visited today! She has spent the majority of the day in the window boxes! 

Oscar has discovered some new toys today and he loves them! I think he is planning on hoarding all of the toys with the way that he has been gathering all of the toys!

Pito did a lot of exploring this morning! He checked out everything and then decided that he liked his condo the best out of his options! 

Roxy has been very comfortable! She was very into her head rub this morning! Now every time I pass her, she demands another head rub! I am happy to give her one!

Rosemary and Sage are new furry friends! They are settling in well! Today, they explored their condo! I gave them each separate baskets and they are very pleased with being able to sleep close together but not too close! 

Sierra was everywhere today! She loves every window, shelf, and nook! She is always on the move but is sure to come back to her condo for an afternoon nap!

Willy loves to cuddle! He did a bunch of exploring today as well! He loves to follow me around as I clean! 

Yolk was not impressed by me trying to take a cute photo with him! In the first photo, he looks very disappointed in me! He loves hanging out with Jessica the most! 

Cat Fun Facts! Cats may yawn as a way to end a confrontation with another animal! Think of it as their “talk to the hand” gesture!

We will see you all on Wednesday!



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