Wednesday, January 26, 2022

January 26th, 2022

 January 26th, 2022

Happy Hump Day! We're trucking along and making it through the week. The kitties are all having a great day so far! The downstairs gang has been pretty mellow and laid back, while our upstairs guests have been a little bit more chatty and interested in what we people are up to! Let's take a look.

Arwen and Lego are starting to figure out how things work around here! So far, they're both shy, but Lego is very curious about everything. He keeps wanting to hop down and explore, but I think he's talking himself out of it every time. He'll get braver with each day he's here, and I can't wait for him to find all the toys and windows the office has to offer! Arwen really adores their cozy den, and she can usually be found curled up inside napping. It's a nice little spot for a shy kitty!

Bella and Luna have been perfect as usual. Here lately, they've even been on the ball with our dinner time routine and have been sitting patiently in their condo right at dinnertime the past two days! I've been very impressed. Bella is even letting me get a little closer to her, but I won't push my luck. She's not mean, of course, just shy! So we'll take things at her pace.

Goodness, what HAVEN'T Felix and Scarlett been up to? Felix has been coming out to give me some love here lately, which is a welcome change of pace. Scarlett has taken to exploring every nook and cranny - particularly those that are directly above me, so she can supervise while I work hard.

Oh, man. Frankie showed off his little toe beans yesterday, and it was the cutest thing. He's still figuring us out, but he let me give him lots of snuggles yesterday which was awesome. I'm proud of him for being brave and starting to explore the office some more! It seems like he and Oscar are especially interested in each other. Will they become best friends? Only time will tell...

I probably have hundreds of pictures of Jessica doing this exact thing - it's just her favorite nap spot, and she's always rolling around and being a total cutie when I walk by! How can I NOT take her picture?

You'll have to forgive me for my phone's generous use of flash for Mira and Tyson's photoshoot today! Tyson has been snuggled up warm and cozy in their den for most of the day, while Mira likes to explore for a while before heading home to nap with her brother. 

Nyla hopped out of her condo today and explored the office a bit, though she was pretty salty that I wouldn't open up the door and let her explore Marie's entire house. Sorry, Nyla! I will give you lots of cuddles instead.

Oscar has the fantastic talent of looking insanely comfortable and content no matter what he's doing or what position he is in! He's a flexible, happy dude who doesn't seem to be bothered by much. He's always down for a good snuggle, too.

I spent a good few minutes looking around for Rosemary earlier, thinking only Sage was in the basket... Upon closer inspection, they both squeezed in to snuggle together! They each have a den in their condo, but sometimes you just need to snuggle with your sibling.

Roxy has been in a great mood since we put in a heating pad in her condo! She's getting a little older and arthritic, but it certainly doesn't stop her spunky personality. Since she's feeling a little more comfortable the past few days, she's been open to letting me give her some noggin pets and some sweet words in her direction.

Sierra is Oscar's downstairs neighbor, though you can often find them sprawled out together in his condo. She is a quiet kind of social - not interested in making any trouble, and not even particularly interested in making any friends. Just having a nice buddy to share space with is enough for her! I think she's got an introvert's attitude, enjoying companionship without a lot of energy.

That's it for today! We'll be back Friday with more kitties to share. We'll see you then!


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