Sunday, April 10, 2022

April 10th, 2022

 April 10th, 2022

Good afternoon, everyone! It's a beautiful, sleepy Sunday here at AMK. Our gang of feline friends seem to be enjoying a lazier kind of day. Let's see what everyone is getting up to!

Meredith is having a very chill day, just enjoying her comfy shelf in her condo, keeping an eye on what everyone else is up to. Biggie decided to go exploring and showed me that I needed to sweep under our shelf!

Chef loves to be tall! He's almost always hanging out right up here, on top of the desk. He has a little bed up there that he "accidentally" made fall on my head earlier. I'm kidding, I know he didn't mean to!... I think...

Hana and Yuki joined us yesterday and they are settling in great! These gals have stayed with us so many times before, we get right into the swing of things by now. 

L.E. and Saoirse are doing great, too! They love their condo. It's got lots of good spots for them to enjoy - L.E. loves the den, while Saoirse loves the shelf where she can look at the other kitties!

Mac was being a total drama king to me earlier - he looked SO handsome out on the window seat, but he completely ignored me when I asked for a photo. My bad, I forgot to make an appointment! Luckily, Octane was happy to squeeze me in to her schedule. 

Purcy has seriously been cracking me up with his consistency in loving this spot! Every time I come around to say hi, I'll poke my head up above the top of the condo, and he'll do the same. It's so cute!

Rascal is having a great day - we've spent almost a solid hour this morning answering emails together while he snuggled up in my lap. He is the biggest cuddle monster!! I'm so glad I get to love on him.

Our favorite quartet of Jimmy, Honey, Sammy, and Peachy have been having a lovely little day! The gang did a bit of catio exploration mixed in with some quality indoor naps.

Handsome Archie is having a great day! He has recently discovered that there are a lot of high up spots he can hang out in here. Being tall seems to be a preference for this guy!

CC was on the move today, exploring the catio and the main cattery, while Mango enjoyed a relaxing nap on top of the condos. Great Sunday vibes!

I can hardly handle how cute Jojo and Minkah are hanging out together! I feel like most of our sibling groups tend to hang out on their own, but it's great seeing a pair spend time together when they don't even have to!

Jules is looking as regal and fluffy as ever today! He was using the scratching post earlier and looking SO cute while doing it, but we just didn't pull out a phone camera in time!

I'm not sure what her technique is, but Mittens has figured out how to nuzzle her way under some blankets and stay COZY out on the catio!

Oyster is the funniest little handsome guy. He loves hanging around us humans, and he's always got a great attitude!

It's been a quiet and sleepy day for miss Pepper! Nothing like a cozy Sunday in your favorite basket. 

Skyler looks large and in charge today! So handsome.

Our twins of the week, Sophie and Oyster, like hanging out together at the top of the stairs!

Tuckerman is a big fan of the heated baskets on the catio, just like Mittens!

And last but not least, sweet Waffle giving us a little wink as we wrap up the weekend and head into another week. 

We'll see you again on Tuesday! Have a wonderful week!


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