Thursday, April 14, 2022

April 14th, 2022

 April 14th, 2022

It's Friday Jr!! The weather out today is starting to look so lovely, and the kitties are ready to ride these good vibes into the weekend. Let's see what's going on around the cattery today!

LOTS of pics of our fantastic four, since I left off Jimmy a few blogs ago!! These babies are all doing great - Peachy remains the shiest of the bunch, but even she is out and about exploring today. Honey, Jimmy, and Sammy are all about some attention and affection!

Archie really cracked us up today with an amazing little tongue blep! What a handsome, goofy little guy.

Chef is big chilling on top of the condos today. Nothing like a nice nap high up away from the other kitties. 

Duncan and Lily, a fantastic sibling duo, absolutely love the top of condo 7. We catch them there napping almost every time they visit! It's a hot spot for a couple of cool cats.

Hana and Yuki are both having sleepy, peaceful days today. I love that for you, ladies! I hope you have sweet dreams.

Jojo and Minkah both recently discovered this basket on top of a shelf behind their condo - both kitties have been taking turns napping in the basket since! Minkah especially loves it, and will stick his little head out. Jojo tucks down into it and is harder to spot, but a trained eye can find her pretty quickly when she's up there.

Jules is having a lovely little catio day today! Our favorite sweet fluffball continues to be such a wonderful guest.

Junebug and Roger have been having a ball in their condo - they like to play in their water bowl, which is both hilarious and surprising! I was just answering emails yesterday when I felt a few droplets hit my head...

Kuma is out and about, exploring the upstairs of the cattery! Kuma actually looks a LOT like Loki, so we've got them in two different areas this time - no kitten swaps today, thank you!

Ah, lovely ladies LE and Saoirse are having a great day. Saoirse got to hang out on one of our window seats for a bit and enjoyed some fresh air, while LE got to sprawl out in their den and take nice nap.

Can you see the resemblance between Loki and Kuma? Loki has been enjoying some snuggles and naps today, a perfect Thursday.

Miss Maggie did a little exploring and a lot of napping today! She's got her favorite cheetah print bed to snuggle into and keep cozy.

What a gorgeous girl Nina is! She found the purrfect spot to curl up and enjoy her day.

Obi's having a blast on our cat tower downstairs - it's practically a kitty jungle gym!

Oliver is looking so handsome today! He's a newer guest who is settling in great. We're enjoying getting to know him better!

Oops, looks like I woke Orchid up from her nap earlier! She is nice and cozy in her appropriately spring themed den. A lovely little flower, she is!

Okay, Oyster just ALWAYS looks like he was made for the camera. Do you see that face? This is superstar model status.

Raleigh is enjoying the best of both worlds! It's a little chilly out, but a nice heated basket with some blankets will keep any kitty warm.

Rascal was living up to his name today, as he stole my seat any time I got up! We shared for a while, but I need a liiiittle more space than he does.

Handsome Skyler loves his condo. I originally had him scheduled in a different one, but he went and picked out the one he likes best. Fine by me, it's all yours, buddy!

Look at Sophie's streeeetch!! So cute! She's such a lovely little princess. We had a whole conversation yesterday, back and forth in chirps.

Zeus has been exploring everywhere! This fun loving guy has been a joy to have around the cattery this week, full of curiosity and excitement.

Miss Waffles heard the weather was nice out, so she took some time this morning to go check it out for herself! Ah, that sunshine feels nice.

Tuckerman may not know it, but just behind him, beyond the shrubbery, a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier awaits! He loves the catio, so I'm sure he'll catch a good view as he hangs outside today.

That's our gang for now! We'll check back in Saturday to see how your weekend is going. See you then!


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