Monday, April 4, 2022

April 4, 2022

 April 4th 

We hope everyone is having a great start to your week!

Our furry friends are loving this windy April day!

Ani was shedding like crazy the past couple of day! We got out our good brush and she loved it!

Gideon is enjoying the smaller space between the condos and the windows! He loves watching the birds! It is his new favorite spot!

Skinny and Ginger are much warmer now! They like to explore by themselves in the mornings before anyone else is out!

Jasper is a very curious guy! He is very interested in meeting with the other cats! He has been working hard to make more friends!

Napa loves to play! She spent the afternoon napping after playing wore her out!

Ollie and Otis are great at exploring! Today, they were very interested in the closet! (Sorry for the blurry photos, they were both on the move all day and it was difficult to get a good photo!)

Purcy is a new furry friend! He is still a little shy but settling in well! He loves his basket!

Stitch is a acrobat! He is always rolling and tumbling around! And he always sticks the landings!

Rascal is great if you are having a bad day! He will curl up under you chin and knead your cheeks! Best way to cheer up!

Pepper loves her basket! From this vantage, she can see the entire room and outside onto the catio! 

Jojo and Minkah have settled in quickly! They have had fun exploring the catio today!

Jimmy, Peachy, Honey, and Sammy have all gone comfortable very fast! Jimmy and Peachy have been exploring other cat's condos! Today, it was the condos at the top of the stairs! Honey and Sammy love the catio!

Jade is a little explorer! Today, she spent most of her time out on the catio! She loves saying hi to everyone who walks past! 

Fennel and Shibden had a great day! Shibden was not too pleased with me! I kept having to move her! She loves going to the condos that I am currently cleaning and she is not pleased when I must move her to continue!

Cc and Mango are having a ball! They love going everywhere and seeing everything! They always want to be where the action is! 

Apollo loves his routine! In the morning, he is off exploring and playing with the other cats! In the afternoon, he is napping and getting snuggles!

Cat Fun Fact! Cats use their whiskers to determine if they can fit through a small space! The bigger the cat, the longer the whiskers will likely be!

We will see you all on Wednesday!



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