Saturday, April 16, 2022

April 16, 2022


April 16th 

Happy Easter Weekend, Everyone!  

Our furry friends are enjoying the sunshine!

Some photos of friendship to start off the blog today!

Chef is the master of the office! He oversees everything from his lofty perch! He will let us know if something is not to standard!

Leopold Daniel is a silly guy! In this photo, he is caught in the act of being upset that I dared to stop rubbing his chin!

Duncan and Lily love to explore! Lily loves the catio and high places! Duncan loves inside and the tops of the condos!

Hana and Yuki have ironed out a good routine! They each explore in the morning and then settle down for nap in the afternoon!

Honey, Jimmy, Peachy, and Sammy have all blossomed since their arrival! They each have become much bolder and are busy greeting every new cat!

Juniper loves to explore! Every morning, she immediately heads out to the catio to explore!

Kuma loves his food! The only thing he loves more than food in the catio! He loves watching the birds in the garden!

L.E. and Saiorse are having a great time! Saiorse loves the window seats while L.E. is more interested in her basket!

Murphy loves to go on adventures! Today, he was out on the window boxes, deep in the closet, and behind the computer! Every time, I look he is somewhere new!

Nimbus loves the catio! Every morning, he heads straight out to see what is new! This morning was a bit chilly but it did not deter him! 

Obi and Maggie are hunting for the Easter Bunny! 

Orchid is such a sweetie! She loves to sit on the top of her basket and watching the rest of us work!

Raleigh is out enjoying the morning sunshine! He was back in his favorite basket today ready for a nice nap on the heating pad!

Junebug and Roger are still playing around in the water! They love when I refill their water dishes! They are quick to splash around!

Rascal loves napping on my lap as I work on the computer! He is the ultimate lap cat! We will be very sorry to see him head home!

Skyler loves the condos at the top of the stairs! Everyday, he chooses a new one to claim as his own!

Tuckerman is back in his favorite cat cabin! We had to deep clean in this week and he was very sad that he did not have it yesterday! He tried out the other cat cabins and it was just not the same!

Waffles has been exploring the last couple of days! So far, she likes the top of the stairs the best! She is not a huge fan of the other cats but she likes us!

Maggie spent most of her day out on the catio! She is not usually out there so much!

Obi has made a friend! Today, he and Maggie went on a hunt for the Easter Bunny! They spent all morning outside together!

Loki loves his condo upstairs! He loves the quieter space where he is able to take his nap in peace! He hates when his nap time in interrupted! 

Zeus is a sweet guy! He has gotten more bold as he has gotten more comfortable and spends most of his time exploring! 

Oliver loves to follow me around! He is not very interested in the other cats yet but he likes us! (Sorry that the photo is blurry - he is constant motion!) 

Arthur has been busy exploring today! He is not very interested in the other cats yet but he is happy to be my friend!

Jon Robie loves his basket! He was feeling very sleepy and wanted to relax today! He loves napping with his heating pad!

Roxy loves her heating pad! She is very happy in her bed! She always lets us know when she need anything! 

Fact Fun Fact! Easter lilies are extremely poisonous to cats, and just 1-2 leaves (or even the pollen) can kill a cat! Even small ingestions can result in severe kidney failure! Many plants of the Lilium and Hemerocallis species are very poisoning!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we will see you all on Monday!



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