Saturday, April 2, 2022

April 2, 2022

 April 2nd 

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

All of our furry friends are having a blast! A lot of cats came yesterday so we have a full house!

Archer and Janeway have decided that they like hanging out inside rather than out! Archer like to come out every time a customer comes by! They like to be in the know!

Asha and Jinx are very happy little explores! Asha has been interested in making friends while Jinx is more interested in looking out the window!

Athena is another kitty who loves the high places! She was surprised to see Puss N Boots in her usual spot! They were kind enough to share!

Clementine and Ginger are settling in! Clementine is still not interested in being friends yet but she is warming up! Ginger will never say no to a good head rub!

Felix and Scarlett are well settled into their routine! Every morning, Scarlett is off to adventures and then her favorite afternoon nap! Felix loves his condo and his basket!

Fennel and Shibden are old hands at this! They arrived yesterday and it is like they never left! Today, they have spent the day seeing if anything has changed!

Honey, Jimmy, Peachy, and Sammy are all new friends! They are all settling in and eating well! Sammy and Honey have taken to exploring!

Jade loves to explore! She loves to climb and find the highest point in the room!

Jasper is a sweet guy! He will walk around and check everything out before ending back to his condo!

Napa is very playful! She has settled in quickly and has already been off exploring today!

Ollie and Otis are very snuggly guys! They love to explore! We make sure that it always supervised and no fabric is within reach!

Rascal and Haru are becoming good friends! They like getting head rubs at the same time while rubbing noses! They often share my lap! It is very cute!

Tula loves sitting at the top of the stairs every morning! It is great to see her out and about! She will immediately head back to her condo if it looks like someone else is interested in it!

Ani has been very playful today! She is a purr machine! She loves chattering to me as I work on the computer!

  Alala loves her basket! She is not very interested in exploring but she does love a good toy!

Pepper has settled in well! She loves her condo by the door where she can look outside from the comfortable of her basket!

Apollo has been settling back in! He loves his condo at the top of the stairs and is very comfortable hanging out there today!

Fun Cat Fact! The Egyptian Mau is one of, if not the oldest domesticated cat breed! It is also known to be one of the fastest breeds! Mau is Egyptian for Cat!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and we will see you on Monday!



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