Wednesday, April 6, 2022

April 6th, 2022

 April 6th, 2022

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today we have some lovely sunshine here in Seattle, and the kitties are enjoying the springtime weather. Let's see what everyone is up to today!

Our lovely little quartet of Peachy, Jimmy, Honey, and Sammy are all settling in well and having a great day so far. Peachy is still suspicious of everything, but finds comfort in her siblings' snuggles. Honey is all about the catio and exploration, Jimmy loves to find a nice place to nap, and Sammy is usually lurking around somewhere trying to make new friends or get some attention from us humans!

Ani is perched like a perfect little birdie on her basket today! We've spent lots of time giving her love and brushes. She's shedding like crazy! Luckily, she loves a good grooming session.

Goofball Apollo is loving hanging out on top of his condo. It's one of his favorite spots to be! I love it when regular guests find their preferred nap spots. Apollo always gets the same condo, and he's a big fan.

Archie is new to us, but he's starting to get the swing of things! He decided to explore the catio this morning, enjoying some sunshine. He didn't sign up for a photoshoot, but entertained our paparazzi-esque attempts. 

CC and Mango usually split off to do their own things during the day. CC enjoyed a lot of catio hangs with her pals, while Mango perched on a window seat to gaze upon the garden without worrying about the chilly breeze.

Clementine and Ginger are slowly showing interest in being friends with us. They aren't thrilled at the idea of several other kitties hanging around, but they do love pets and snuggles.

Fennel and Shibden are having a nice lazy day. Fennel is doing some quality control checks on the other condos in the cattery while Shibden works security, supervising from the top of the stairs. Couldn't do it without you gals!

Gideon is forever a shy sweet baby, but he really loves his cozy condo. Curling up in (or on!) his basket is certainly a favorite pastime. It's right by the catio, so he gets a nice view and pleasant breeze all day long. 

Jojo and Minkah are a sibling set that prefer to hang out separately - until dinner time, that is! Jojo enjoys the snuggly environment in their condo, while Minkah will go for a stroll on the catio and report his findings back. 

Napa's mustache is perhaps the most iconic feature of any kitty we have in the building! She is a huge fan of our window seats, but more importantly, she just loves any opportunity to be cute!

Pepper auditioned for a modeling job today, and it's safe to say she got it! Look at her work those angles. What a star!

Purcy is loving the office. He's explored every nook and cranny! His favorite spots are high up, where he can watch what the other kitties are up to and get a feel for what's in store for the day.

I cannot say enough kind things about Rascal. He is the perfect cat. He loves to be a snuggly baby in our laps while we work on the computer, and is always the first one to greet us when we arrive in the morning! What a happy little fella.

Stitch is a wonderful returning guest who always brightens my day! He has a spunky personality and loves to make friends with the other kitties. Even if they aren't totally into it, he's still down to hang out if they ever change their mind!

That's our gang for now! We'll have lots of kitties in this upcoming week to share with you over Spring Break, so keep checking back for your favorite kitty updates!


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