Wednesday, June 29, 2022

June 29, 2022

 June 29th 

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Our furry friends are just waffling around today!

Apollo keeping a close eye on a moth, he almost caught it but decided he could not give up his favorite nap spot!

Almond laying back and relaxing today!

Archer pawing up for a battle, and Janeway cheering him on!

Arya keeping it cozy in her condo today!

Ben taking over scheduling for the day!

Charlie helping sweep up the office floors!

Cleo and Jake taking on very different adventures, maybe they will have a meeting later to discuss their day!

Elsie has gotten more comfortable but still prefers her condo for naps!

Frida ready for her big modeling break!

Goldie and Ernie have decided today was a sibling nap day in the heated bed!

Jack decided to take up birdwatching!

Phoebe keeping a lookout while Joey enjoys the breeze!

Jubilee thinking hard about what kind of treats he wants!

Jules participating in some afternoon yoga!

Mika catching some breeze!

Poseidon aka "Poof" is becoming more comfortable everyday, but still enjoys the quiet of his condo!

Primrose who is always down for head scratches!

Rascal taking it easy today!

Riggs is always on the move!

Rocky Rockstar looking like a beautiful sleepy croissant!

Silhouette loves her corner spot where she can keep an eye and everything!

Cat Fun Fact! Adult cats have 30 teeth, while kittens have 26!

We will see you all on Friday!



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