Sunday, June 19, 2022

June 19, 2021

 June 19th    

Our furry friends are celebrating two holidays today! They are living it large!




Roxanne was enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in her condo, opting to observe the other kittie's and their business!

Buddy has been ruling the roost the last few days and can be found almost anywhere the AMK team is going, so he can scooper-vise!

Callaghan's favorite spot is the corner by the entrance to the hotel, he can be found there almost immediately in the morning! 

Babka has been getting more and more comfortable everyday, and today stepped out of his condo and settled for a window bed, then he tried to assist with the blog!

Rocky patrolled the catio this morning + observed everyone this afternoon from the top of the condos! He was feline fine this lazy Sunday!

Jasper was a very busy guy this morning, he did stop to have a little conversation with Archie, however!

Millie was being extra cute today and took a nap in the top basket! She was not pleased that we interrupted her for a photo shoot! 

Etta has been exploring today! She likes to explore while all the younger cats are taking naps! She is not interested in playing with them! Here she is carefully observing the AMK team!

Simba is our gate greeter! He says hello and goodbye to everyone to comes by! I caught him thinking deeply this morning as he looked calmly out at the garden, tail wagging away, totally in bliss!

Bootsie and Puss 'N' Boots are old hands at this! Bootsie is back to her old haunts in the cat cabins and Puss is busy today watching the rabbits in the garden!

Waffles is a shy girl! She has really gained confidence every stay with us! She was giving me a good laugh and playing peek-a-boo with me from the basket!

Apollo is a wild man! First thing this morning, he was off to explore! He doesn't have time for head scratches! He settled into a a cat cabin and could not be bothered!

Mimi is a shy gal! She is very sweetie and loves a good head rub! She was checking out all the spots today!

Archie loves a good adventure! He is always on the move!

Brian-Buggs is a chatty guy! He loves to greet me as I come into the office in the morning!

Phoebe is a playful gal! She loves to watch the majority of the action but she will join in the action! Today she settled down in this scratcher tower and was more than content!

Archer & Janeway are very comfortable here! They have settled into their usual routine!

Bagheera & Bucky are both off exploring today! Bucky and Bagheera were checking out the top of the stairs!

Mittens was so cute first thing this morning! She was the first kitty to greet me! What a great way to start the day!

Jack is another new furry friend! He was off exploring the catio this morning!

Moki is a new friend! She is busy exploring her condo today!

Rascal loves to lay on my lap and chat with me as I work on the computer!

CAT FUN FACT! Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head size of any mammal!

We will see you all on Tuesday!


  1. Wow are Moki and Mini sisters?!? Such similar coloring.

  2. I love your recognition and celebration of both Fathers Day and Juneteenth! Guess we need to find a basket like that for Millie. She loves being up high