Friday, June 17, 2022

June 17th 2022


TGIF Everyone!

It is a full house at AMK with a lot of new furry faces. 

This lovely lady has been curled up in her bed most of the morning. She does love attention though. 

Daisy and Dash
These two are busy bodies! They have been playing and adventuring nonstop.

Pixel is starting to come out more often. He is still shy, but cannot resist his curiosity.

He LOVES the window balcony. Right after breakfast he went straight to it and has been there ever since.

He is still acclimating to his new environment. Here he is cozy and secure in his bed.

Chloe and Markie
Chloe has been napping on the office chair. Markie was shy at first but has been coming out.

She definitely prefers watching the action from her condo. 

He is so sweet. He has been out all day socializing with the cats... and humans. :)

Simba just went down for a cat nap. Earlier he was outside on the catio.

Waffles likes the comfort and security of her bed. She is so precious in this photo!

This fella has been cruising around all the condos. He has warmed up to staying here.

Bootsie and Puss N' Boots
These two are opposites. Puss N' Boots likes to be outside, while Bootsie is cozy inside the condo.

Right here, Apollo is bird and squirrel watching. 

It is always a pleasure to have Roxanne with us. She has been social today.

Rocky Rockstar
Mr. Rockstar found the perfect spot. He has been napping in the cutest positions by the window.

Millie is on top of the condos observing the action from above.

She is very sweet. Here is a picture of her in the condo at the top of the stairs.

Archie found a place high up in the cat tree. He has been outside on the catio too.

Sage and Rosemary
These two are very chill. They cannot be bothered while relaxing.

Dizzy and Louis
Dizzy and Louis have a great set up in their condo. They both have been upstairs where it is warm and quiet.

He is watching the critters outside in the catio. So much fluff!

Bucky and Bagheera
Welcome back to these two! Both are acclimating in their condo together. Bucky is ready to play though.

Archer and Janeway
Archer and Janeway were just dropped off. They are ready to come out and greet the other kitties.

He is currently taking a nap. He has a quiet spot upstairs. Glad to have him back!

We will be back with another blog on Sunday. Have a great start to the weekend!


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