Saturday, June 25, 2022

June, 25th, 2022

 June, 25th 

Happy Caturday, the heat is in full swing this week and the kitties are getting their tan on!

Almond staying so fresh and so clean!

Primrose is getting more comfortable here, she has done some exploring and is now taking it easy!

Apollo can always be found high up, usually napping and waiting for pets!

Archer and Janeway are on their own separate adventures today but can both usually be found chilling with other kitties!

Archie in his new favorite spot with his new bestie Bagheera!

Babka who will never pass up a good playtime session!

Ben is a very chatty boy, but has opted for a nap day!

Brian Buggs who has been spending all day everyday on the catio!

Bucky who never passes up head scratches, and Bagheera with his new best friend Archie!

Charlie loves his condo but did venture out for some exploring, greeting all the other kitties along the way!

Chip can usually be found on the catio but has wanted to keep cool in her condo today!

Dexter and Watson our sleepy kings!

Drake keeping an eye on everyone from above!

Frida who had just awoken from a nap!

Gem and Chatterbox keeping an eye on the birds from their favorite spots!


Jack is a shy but gentle boy who can usually be found on the catio!

Phoebe always up for a good head scratching and Joey who likes to stay cool in his condo!

Jules getting his stretch on, ready to take on the day!

Juno hanging out in her very favorite spot next to the stairs where she can keep a lookout!

Rascal loves being held and always keeps us company while we work on the blog!

Riggs getting much more comfortable and decided to taker a tour of the catio!

Rocky Rockstar who loves his naps decided outside was the spot today!

Roxanne can be found almost anywhere but with the hot weather she's decided to cool off on the tiles!

Silhouette is still making herself comfortable but has found her condo to be very relaxing!

Jack is always keeping cozy in his condo, 10/10 loaf mode

We will see you all on Monday!

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