Monday, June 13, 2022

June 13 2022

 June 13 2022

Merry Monday! It's been a sleepy rainy day for the kitties,
 it's the purrfect time to catch up on any lost z's!

Babka was more than content to take a snooze and hang out in his condo, he made sure the AMK team were on top of things at the pawffice!

Miso + Brownie could not have been more opposite today! Miso went out to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh rain smell, while Brownie went to socialize with the other kitties to avoid the rain.

Buddy was all over the hotel this morning, he enjoyed generous pets along the way!

Cairo, who is usually the first to want to get out in the morning opted to stay dry indoors and do his roll overs in his condo.

Callaghan seems to have found his favorite spot, he went out to the Catio and popped a squat on his favorite platform for the day!

Ernie also opted for a lazy day indoors, deciding that a snooze in his condo was all he needed!

Maeve was also no stranger to her condo this morning, but she did pop out for pets + tried out one of the windows beds!

Mew was not a stranger to the catio this morning, she made it her goal to greet guests and to tell all the other kitties what she was thinking!

Miniko was also very vocal on the catio this morning, paw-sibly she was "Singin' In The Rain"?

 Miso was also one of the more active kitties today, he gave us a good laugh playing peek a boo behind the cabinet!

Patrick was ultra busy today patrolling the condos and catios, he's almost part of the AMK team!

Pixel opted for a snoozy afternoon as well, not so much minding the peace!

Rocky had a morning stroll in the catio and also decided that he'd much rather pop a squat in the condo and take it easy!

Sage was more social this aftermewn, while Rosemary just wanted to snooze!

Roxanne found a catio bed and made her spot, she did keep an eye on things, however!

Salem wasn't interested in stepping out today, but she was very interested in pets + love! Brownie paid her a visit and she didn't mind one bit!

Sushi couldn't decide which window bed was best, so he tried them all, and opted to lay at our feet instead!

Oyster also took a morning stroll and enjoyed watching the rain!

That's all for today folks,

See you all on Wednesday!



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