Friday, June 3, 2022

June 3rd 2022

 June 3

Happy Friday! The kitties and AMK Team are rolling right into the weekend with ease!

Yennefer was chilling out max + relaxing all cool today!

Tenzing was being a social guy this afternoon and checking up on all the kitties in the office!

Roxanne was loving her garden time + also generous pets!

Odysseus came out of his condo + settled for a comfy window bed overlooking the water! He was quite alright with some window pets though!

Fennec also took to the window bed this afternoon, while Nagi helped with the blog!

Sailor + Moses are kicking back for the weekend!

Mittens was enjoying her catio time + watching the birds!

Harvey was partying it up on the cat tree!

Frankie was feeling a little grumpy this morning!  He was having fun playing with his condo door this afternoon! 

Kashi + Tana had a very relaxing afternoon + made for very pleasant conversation about needing pets!

Doughnut + Spaghetti also opted for more of a chill Friday afternoon, hanging out in the condos + observing!

Edie was more social this afternoon + seems to be getting comfortable enough to socialize with the other kitties!

Bastet + Khonsu were having a grand ole time climbing around inside + in the catio!

Cairo went to work today patrolling the upstairs + downstairs!

Damian was more than happy to bird watch in the garden + take in the cool breeze!

Midge found a cubbyhole in the bookshelf + was content for the day! 

Zolo was more than content in the catio, watching over the garden!

Nando had a nice time exploring the office, he was a big fan of the desktop lamp + even posed for a snoozy glamour shot!

Cat Fun Fact! Cat's can gauge their human's moods and often change their own moods to match it. They are also licensed in Purr-apy!

We will see you all on Sunday! 



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