Tuesday, June 7, 2022

June 7th 2022

 June 7th

Happy Tuesday everyone! it's a beautiful warm day here, and the cats are enjoying some much needed sunbathing time!

Cairo smelling all the smells of the catio!

Billie relaxing in her condo after a morning of exploring! 

Brownie and Miso lounging around for a midday nap!

Damian taking on the job of doorman today!

Fennec relaxing up top his condo, Nagi doing some bird watching!

Jinx snoozin' away on the catio!

Kashi and Tana kicking back feelin' the breeze!

Midge getting in some much needed cuddles!

Miniko keeps a close eye on all the birds and squirrels! 

Miso getting some fresh air on the catio!

Sailor and Moses enjoying some quiet time!

Roxanne soaking up all the sun today!

Tenzing keeping an eye on everyone from above! 

Yennifer helping out with the blog today!

Buddy keeping it cool in his condo!

Cat Fun Fact! 
Cats have about 24 whiskers on their muzzle, 12 on each side.

We will see you all on Thursday! 



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