Thursday, September 1, 2022

September 1, 2022

 September 1st

Happy September 1st!

This summer has flown by and all our furry friends are gearing up for the fall!

Bean has been a great explorer! He checks out all the condos!

Baker and Kyrie are settling in well! They have started to explore this morning!

Blueberry knows what she wants and she is not afraid to make demands!

Oyster is a handsome fellow! He loves exploring the catio!

Roger and Trudy love hanging out together and welcome other cats, especially Blueberry!

CC and Mango are off exploring! They love the catio!

Ninja and Smokey still settling in! They are still a bit shy but love treats!

Sweetums is a shy girl but she loves to snuggle!

Rizzo is back and has immediately made herself comfortable on the catio!

Noco is loving the catio! She is all about running around!

Meow Meow and Sven have both decided that they are lap cats! They take turns laying in my lap!

Cooper has been making some friends! He likes hanging out with the older cats!

Waffles is the queen of the catio! She loves to jump!

Oscar is the most polite gentleman! He is quick to jump into his condo at the end of the day!

Missy loves laying in her bed and demanding cuddles from everyone that walks by!

Nala is being very silly today! She loves to play! (Sorry for the blurry photo! She is just too fast for us!)

Charlie is such a cuddle bug! He is always looking for love! (Sorry for the blurry pic, he has been in constant motion today!)

Musubi  loves explore all the other condos!

Miss Tilly and Pancake are starting to explore! They have really warmed up and are eager to meet the other kitties!

Izzy has been getting bolder! Today, she explore every corner of the office!

Freya loves her condo! She loves to snuggle down in her bed and watch the other crazy kitties!

Roscoe is an old hat at this! He is already claiming his spot on the catio!

CAT FUN FACT! Did you know that originally it was thought that Egyptians domesticated the cat? But in 2004, French archaeologists discovered a 9,500 year old cat grave in Cyprus. This makes this the oldest known pet cat and it predates Egyptian art about cats by over 4,000 years!

We will see you all on Saturday!



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