Sunday, September 11, 2022

September 11, 2022

 September 11

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Arwen and Lego love their condo!

Batman looks so dashing with his bow-tie!

Ben loves taking a mid-morning nap!

Brutus and Hyra exploring the catio early this morning!

Bunny loves her pink cat house!

Coco loves to watch the morning activities from her condo! 

Dexter and Portia love their personal space!

Drake out exploring this morning!

Edward and Vivian love to hang around downstairs!

Ivy loves to watch the office from her condo!

Jasper loves to explore!

Maisie loves her usual place at the top of the stairs!

Milo was excited for breakfast this morning!

Ninja and Smokey roamed around this morning before taking a nice cat nap!

Ollie and Otis don't know how to feel about their grooming session being interrupted! 

Romila likes her alone time!

Roscoe likes to patrol the staircase!

Salvador needs to be apart of staircase patrol too!

Suki thought breakfast in bed sounded like a good idea!

Teddy loves to find a spot to chill!

Walter was caught dipping his toes in the water!

Watson thinks sleeping in on a Sunday is best!

Fun Cat Fact:
Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness!

See you all on Tuesday!

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