Friday, September 23, 2022

September 23, 2022


Happy Friday everyone, 
we hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Edward loves the Catio, and Vivian loves to look out the window in her condo! 

Batman is always exploring and loves to hitch a ride on your shoulders!

Pip is the most energetic boy and loves to play with the other kitties! 

Charlotte & Jack both love relaxing in their condo, anytime is nap time!

Angus has found a new favorite spot way up on top of the condos!

Azula is the catnip princess, and has found a new bff,  Mr. Banana 

Yue came out for some exploring today and made friends with fellow cat Pip!

Elsie is not much of the explorer but is very cozy in her condo!

Scout keeping an eye on the birds and squirrels from his favorite window perch!

Sierra love to come and greet you for pets!

Bailey loves lots of pets and wants to be friends with everyone she meets!

Raven & Samson both enjoying the catio catching the cool breeze!

Chloe knows all the best nap spots!

Celine looking very polite today, watching all the other kitties from her condo!

Jiji likes the quiet of the cozy condo & Yasu is more of the explorer!

Maggie is still getting comfortable but likes to watch everything from the top of the stairs!

Midge is a shy one but came out for a little exploring this morning!

Tsuki likes her cozy hidey bed!

Tulip is a very vocal gal! 

Zuko is still getting comfortable but is happy keeping an eye on things from his bed!

That's all for today, see you all on Sunday!
AMK Team

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