Monday, September 19, 2022

September 19th, 2022

 September 19th

Happy Monday Everyone!

Everyone is a bit tired from a wild weekend!

Angus loves some early morning loves!

Azula unsure why she's awake this early!

Batman is a goof at all hours of the day!

Beesly and Cooper loves to relax where they can!

Beesley loves to check things out from her condo first thing in the morning!

Bootsie and Puss n' Boots love to find a basket to curl up in!

Charlotte and Jack both love to get lots of pets and cuddles!

Edward and Vivian love to watch the morning activity from various places!

Elsie loves to sleep in!

Greta likes to be Elsie's twin!

Jade is a perfect little model!

Jon Robie wanted to sleep in this morning! 

Jubilee loves to watch the birds!

Pip being a wild man first thing this morning!

Romila loves our morning pets and cuddles!

Salvador is relaxin' and chillaxin' today!

Scout was very excited to explore the office this morning!

Sierra also wanted to explore downstairs today!

Watson being a little gentleman today!

Yue doesn't understand why she has to wake up so early!

Yumi loves to watch all the other kitties from her condo!

We will see you all on Wednesday!
AMK Team 

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