Wednesday, September 21, 2022

September 21, 2022

Happy First Day of Fall!

Edward & Vivian are the best at relaxing

Batman is a handsome boy!

The many positions of PIP! 

Beesley was not happy we interrupted his bird watching. 

Yumi gets braver everyday! 

Jack discovered the window boxes today and Charlotte's fav place to lay is right outside her condo. She watches all the other cats! 

Yue loves cubbies! 

Azula stole Scout's bed today. She really likes it! 

Angus says "put the camera down and pet me!" 

Greta is a sweet girl! 

Scout looking prim and proper, helping me clean! 

Sierra is a great explorer! 

Elsie likes both shelves and cubbies! 

Bailey was very concerned that there was butterfly in the room!

Raven & Samson spend their time on the catio! 

Chloe has many faces, don't let them fool you, she's a sweetheart! 

Just a couple extra of the kitties interacting with each other! 
We will see you again on Friday! 

-AMK Team 

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