Wednesday, September 7, 2022

September 7, 2022

 September 7th

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

All our furry friends are enjoying the last day of summer!

Noco is as energic as usual! She loves to chat with everyone!

Meow Meow and Sven are great helpers in the office! They love laying out in the sun!

Missy is such a sweetie! She is always down for cuddles!

Nala loves to play! She loves all the toys!

Ninja and Smokey are great eaters! They are always ready for a treat!

Freya has been getting bolder every day! She loves exploring!

Roscoe loves laying out in the sun!

Walter loves watching Sven and Nala play! He will be joining them soon!

Maisie is a gentle girl! She is very polite and loves watching all the energic cats going wild!

Maeve loves her condo! She likes to explore when the other cats are away!

Stitch has been busy exploring the catio!

Edward and Vivian have settled in quickly! They have been busy exploring today!

Primrose has been settling in well! She loves to find the quiet places for a nap!

Ripley is a sweet guy! He is always ready for a ear scratch!

Jasper is a very polite gentleman! His favorite spot is off in the catio!

Teddy loves napping in the sun, and came straight down for some pets this afternoon!

Zeus did some exploring this morning and has now settled in for a nap!


Fun Facts! Some cats are ambidextrous, but 40 percent are either left- or right-pawed!

We will see you all on Friday!



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