Saturday, September 3, 2022

September 3, 2022

 September 3, 2022

Happy Caturday Everyone! 

We hope you are having a great start to your weekend. 

Noco letting us know how her day is going with Condi in the background listening in. 

Bean is a master napper. He's in this cubby mid day like clock work for a nap. 

Waffles keeping watch over the other cats. 

Blueberry likes to hang outside with Oscar

Oscar is quite the handsome man. 

Missy is always up for some cuddles, but today she is exploring the catio

Meow Meow loves the window seats. 
She's now decided under the cushion is better than over 
(see Sven below playing with Nala)

Nala and Sven have bonded on their stay with us, all though from different households they love to wrestle, play and chase. 

Oyster loves the outside catio, that is where he wanders the most. 

Charlie is every cat's best friend. 

Miss Tilly prefers the high shelf, where Pancake prefers to come in for the close up. 

Roger and Trudy are both lovers, they love some head and ear scratches. 

CC and Mango have different ideas of fun, Mango likes it up high and CC likes naps. 

Mac and Octane spend time together on the catio!

Condi is an explorer, she finds all the nooks!

Rizzo is showing their tough side. 

BazBeaux has a favorite catio place and he likes to talk about it. 

Almond's favorite is the outside baskets. That's where we find him resting. 

Harvey would like to know when dinner might be? 

Hamza has found their favorite place!

Walter is adjusting after his first night, he knows where all the cubbies are now. 

Freya loves the window view.

Baker and Kyrie are the sweetest. 

Roscoe likes to greet us coming down the stairs. 

Duncan And Lily have different napping preferences, Lily prefers a bookcase and Duncan prefers the cushion on top of the condos. 

Cat Fact: Cat's can be left pawed or right pawed. Researchers found 75% of cats have a dominate paw preference!

See you on Monday! 

*AMK Team* 

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