Tuesday, February 11, 2020

February 11th.

It's February 11th and we're gearing up for a very busy Valentines/President's Day weekend and school winter break.  But we still have time to post photos of your favorite kitties.

Emma looks a little on guard when it comes to having a photo portrait.  But when I pet her little head and face, she's in kitty
 purr heaven.  

Simba is quite relaxed in this large condo along with sibling Ubele.

Simba and Ubele's other sibling, Tux is a bit uncertain.

Return guest Q-Tip arrives today and loves the comfort
 of her basket.

Awwww, one more day with Idgie then she goes home tomorrow.  What a sweet kitty and a wonderful guest to have.

I try not to use a camera flash when photographing our guests so unfortuantely these came out a bit dark of Jamie but still cute.

Condo mate and sibling to Jamie, here's Cercei

Then I try the flash on Pete and he's having nothing to do with it.

So here's a no flash Pete.

Welcome back Hobbs.

Beauregard was in a deep sleep when I woke her for her photo. So sorry Beau. And what a cute picture it is.

Sassy has the softest fur and look at her lips!

BellPepper is showing us how tough he is, but he's really just a pussy cat.

Another marmalade with vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whip on his nose - Pepper

L & L - the mischief twins

Lilith and Ophilia.


Any comments or questions?  Please email us at marie@allmykitties.com.

Your blog host - Marie

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