Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February 5th

It's another fun day in cat land and here are photos of your favorite felines boarding with us today.

Koa loves his window condo.

Bell Pepper spys something in this crack. 
What is it Bell? 

 Ahhhh, it's a kitty play ball.

Here are Simba and Ubele.  They requested field trips to the catio but it's waaaay too rainy for such little kitties. 

I'm sure Simba is wondering why Coconut is on top of her condo.  Both cats could move if they really wanted to but I think it's a stand-off.

Koa is catching a snack.

 Ubele does get some out time and explores the window veranda.

 She has certainly figured out the cat door.

Here's cutie Koa again loving this box.

Kiddles is not afraid of a little rain and gets excercise on the cat tree.

Up Kiddles goes.

Beauregard does a little exploring in the catio and later found warmth in the cat cabin.

Mezzy finds a warm spot in this catio basket with a heating pad.

A heated floor and a feather toy.  What could be better?

New cat Sassy is not sure about her surrounds yet but give her a day and she'll be out and about. 

Don't worry Bell Pepper.  Otis is not going to steal your feather toy.

Otis could use the cat door but he chooses the old fashion way by asking me to hold the door open for him. 

Out you go big guy.

 I just can't get enough of Koa.

 New kittens Lucifer and Lilith just came in.  I want them to get used to their condo before letting them out.

Idgie.  That is a very strange place on top a condo and in the corner.  I do imagine it's quite warm though. 

Ethel is back on her favorite perch.

Marta meet Simba.  Simba meet Marta.

Somewhat camera shy kitties.:


 Oh my.  This is confusing.  Another tuxedo cat named Tux who is helping me with my paperwork.


Keep warm and dry outthere.
Your blog host - Marie

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