Friday, February 7, 2020

February 7th

A glamourous group of cats have joined us for the weekend!  


This isn't the first time Ethel and Marta have been found hanging out together in this spot. 

Greyson is the topping on the cake. 

Mysterious Olive.


Such a friendly guy!

Otis has a tail to boast about.  

Charming Beauregard.  

Newcomer Sassy is sure a beauty.  


We heard a phantom purr coming from somewhere in the room, only to find Bell Pepper in the closet.  

Beauregard is sweet as honey! 

Bell pepper and Oscar look a lot alike and they seem to be drawn to eachother.  

Oscar takes his first steps outside into the catio.  

Bell Pepper is on his trail. 

He wants to show off his scratching skills. 

Otis loves recieving visators.  

Koa is a top secret undercover kitty reporting for duties!  

Maiq is so photogenic!  

Oscar has the urge to explore.  

Howdy, Mezzy!

Henry makes himself at home in his condo.  

Ubele with a nose so powdery pink.  

Simba loves a nice pet on the face.  

Good boy, Tux!  

Precious Kiz.

Lucifer and Lilith are the best of friends.  

Coconut is a glamour queen.  

Attentive Lucifer.  


Sensational Simba.

Coco hangs out by the crack under the door and signals the passerby-ers.  

Lucifer and Lilith are double trouble!  

Lilith shows off her gargoyle claws.  

Marta is a blur of cuteness.  

Luficer always elated to be picked up and held.  

Ethel enjoys napping on her shelf in her condo. 

Tux is a entleman through and through. 

Welcome, Ophelia!  It's nice to see a newcomer eat all of their dinner on night one!

Glorious Idgie.

Marvelous Maiq.

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