Saturday, February 15, 2020

February 15th

I hope you all servived the Valentines chocolates and champagne.  We have some pretty cute Valentines here at 
All My Kitties


 Q-Tip enjoys the window veranda.

Cats strolling the catio. 

 I spy Daisy from the catio as she looks out the window. 


About face.

 Millie is as pretty as a portrait.

 Mixy loves the cat tree.

  Cooper is not too sure what to make of all this riff-raff.

 Mango is such a pretty kitty.

 Francis takes his turn out on the window veranda.

 Beauregard is a very easy cat to take care of.

 Look at her heart shaped nose!

 Another cutie, Bell Pepper.  He's leaving tomorrow after a month of kitten frolicking.  We're sure going to miss him. 

No Fleas here Bell Pepper.  Naaaaaw.

 What's this?  Hobbes and Mack TOGETHER?

 Did you just notice that Mack was sitting right next to you Hobbes? 

Otis sees that there is some action going on in the Catio.

Here he comes to check it out.

Photo bomb Otis.

  Alki is still not too sure about me but I have high hopes very soon.

 Handsome Hobbes 

Emma is bright and observant. 



Peter likes to explore in his neighbor's condo. 

Then a little refreshment.

Shepard might look hissy, but she's actually delighted to get attention and rolls over to tell us so. 

Marci is enjoying the view through the window box

What a great photo of Mack to end today's blog.

Your blog host - Marie

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