Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 1st 2020

A fabulous group of cats have graced us with their presence this weekend!

Lovely Abigail

Bell Pepper is crazy for this particular toy.

They will never be far apart.   

Chairman Meow's Siamese coloring helps him blend with the shadows.  

Marie's cat Charles likes to hang out in the catio.

Cutest Cocopuff.

Cougar stays cozy in a heated cabin.

Day-dreamin' Delilah.

Ethel made herself right at home on our computer desk chair.  

Jinx and Maddie are reunited again!

And it feels...


Glamourous Marta.

Sleepy Scout.

Looking good up there, Simon!

Tux is just the sweetest dude!

Ubele is back for another stay!

We are so happy to see Simba again!

Ethel loves having a window seat.  

Great to see you again, Tux!

Scout wants to be everyone's best friend.

Kiz's bright eyes are the only part you can see in her basket!

She pops her head out to say hello.

And her toes!


Welcome back, Otis!

Bell Pepper is a big show off. 


Abigail has a BIG personality!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog hosts,

Maddie and Allison

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