Sunday, February 9, 2020

February 9th


 Your highness Coconut.

Coco took a field trip to the lower cattery for some frolicking High on the condo tops.  

Such a nice day for kitties Bell Pepper and Otis to enjoy the catio.  

Oscar cleans up after breakfast.

Mezzy is stair dancing.  Well, maybe just stair sitting.

Ophelia is quite active for a new boarder.  That's great to see.  She's such a super nice kitty and loves lap sitting.

 Simba is being a cute cuddle bug.

Idgie is a bit shy but a really gentle girl.

Tux II has big owl eyes.

Lucifer or Lilith?  I don't know.  They are identical twin kittens and full of mischief.

The window veranda is quite appealing for looking out into the garden and watching things fly by.

 I think that's you Ethel. I recognize your whiskers. 

Koa sticks his head out right into my camera.

Beaurigard is a sweet, little kitty with a big cat name.

Which one is Pepper?

Tux helps me with my desk work.

Ahhhh, Sassy comes out for dinner.

Lip smackin' good!

Did I forget anyone?  Feel free to email me if you want another photo of your kitty cat.

Your blog host - Marie

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