Wednesday, February 19, 2020

February 19th

Blue skies and sunny days for kitties!

Charles basks in the breeze.  

Raffy doesn't want to miss a second of sunshine.  

CC and Mango are a match made in heaven.  

Lovely Nixie.   

CC struts over to say hello.  

What a darling!  

Raffy content in the sunshine.  

Juno is a ray of sunshine.  

Marci is quite satisfied with her window box set up.  


Maisie shows off her fluffy belly.  

Soairse makes herself comfortable inside of her basket.  

L.E. always has a smile on her face.  

Mango looking relaxed. 

Ron is a sweetie.

Regal Roger.

Kodiak is back for another stay!

Cat loves her condo!

Welcome, Bloo!

Dearest Daisy.

Puss "N" Boots making his morning rounds.  

Two football-player-size orange cats explore the catio together.  

Leo is brave boy!  

Pete oozes confidence.  

Stanley is a charmer.  

Maxwell enjoys the spectacular weather we've been having.  

Alki just got the lid pulled off the cabin!  

Kodiak with the dark nose.  

Mack spends his afternoons lounging in the catio.  

Cat has very expressive eyes.  


Junebug is a real knock-out!  

Curious Cat.  

Pete is all over the place this afternoon.  

Cat catches some sun in the catio.  

Nixie the Great and Powerful!  

Bloo intreplidly ventures out of his condo for the first time.  

Skylar is right at home in the book shelf.  

Who's that little guy hanging out behind Skylar?  

Alki is drawn to other black and white cats.  

Rogers got it goin' on!  

Kitiara has really warmed up to us!  

Wonderful Rocky. 

Jaime is a love bug. 

Cersei's tabby stripes help her blend in with the whicker basket.  


Ron comes running for a picture.  

Kahless is a cutie!

Kitiara says, "Make it a great day!!!"

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