Monday, February 3, 2020

February 3rd

Intrepid Bell Pepper.

There are two cats named Tux here right now, one with two black dots under his nose...

The second with only one dot!

We've never seen two cats with the same name look so much alike!  Thank goodness we are really good at telling cats apart.  

Chairman Meow!

Scout loves to be as high up as possible. 

Sweetest Ubele.

Ethel appreciats a nice window spot.

Idgie in a nutural palette.

Simba is so friendly!

She puts on a show!

Kiz is a darling little kitten.

She loves to be adored!

Cocounut is a joy!

Idgie must a particularly petite cat if she can fit underneath the computer desk.

Tux found a secret spot INSIDE of the computer desk!

Koa has the look that says he just checked in moments ago. 

Otis is thrilled with his condo assigment.  

The Amazing Miss Abigail!

Beauregard is a enchanting forest emp.  

Vivacious Jinx.

Delilah's earls are placed perfectly on top of her head.  


Cougar keeps cozy in his vacation cabin.  

Pell Pepper!

Jinx is ready to great the customers.  

Maiq curiously peaks his head outside of his condo. 

Abigail on the prowl for some fun.

Newcome Kiddles is a cutie.

Maiq is quckly coming out of his shell.

Otis owns the place.


Mystical Marta.

Ethel couldn't be more comfortable on the computer chair.  

The weather over Lake Washington has been doing some interesting things today, including sun, snow, freezing rain, and what appears to be a waterfall in the sky!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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