Wednesday, April 14, 2021

April 14th, 2021

Hump day, Spring School break.
We have a lot of kitties and a lot of photos.

Harry Potter

We have three Chloe's here this week.  This is Chloe R.



New kitty, Chloe #2

The Three Muskteers 

Oreo, Marigold, and Momo

Rocky Rockstar 


The sun's too bright for this guy.

Kiwi gets the most out of the Catio

We have Walffles and Pancake.  This is Waffles 

This is Pancake

& Chloe #3

Tuckerman knows the Catio heated bed was made just for him.


Missy and Sargent



Back to the Musketeers


Last but certainly not least, Aria

It's a beautiful evening here at All My Kitties
I hope you are enjoying your dinner hour wherever you are.


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