Friday, April 16, 2021

April 16th, 2021

April 16, 2021

Hi everyone! It's a gorgeous day here at All My Kitties, and we've got lots of cats here enjoying the sun! 

Waffles is warming up and has started to explore the cattery a little bit more!

Tuckerman loves the catio! He's been jumping around ledges and finding the best spots for sunbathing today

Tenzing got some great cat napping in on the highest shelf on the catio today

Rocky was so sleepy taking a nap today he could barely open his eyes for a picture!

Pancakes was super cuddly today and we got some great lap and cuddle time

Momo and Marigold make a great pair!

Marigold is so fluffy! She did a lot of playing and climbing today

Momo also climbed a lot today, and had a fun time rolling around on the floor as well

Missy and Sarge posed for a cute pairing shot, as well as adorable solo snaps! Missy loves that window box!

Miso looks totally adorable with or without his lip caught on his tooth!

Mezzy mostly loves her condo, but did a lot of exploring both inside and out today

It was hard to choose my favorite pictures from this photoshoot of Kiwi rolling around on the catio today

Buzz was adorable in his den today! He loves the condo and stays here for most of the time

Juno got up close and personal with the camera while she sunbathed out on the window box

Jack is always curious about what I'm doing, and is never too far from my side

We've got three Chloe's right now! Chloe B was napping out on the catio when I came by for photos

Chloe S. is new here and is getting curious about what we have to offer!

And Chloe R was blissful in the sun on the catio for a lot of the day

Braveheart was as cute as can be rolling around on the stairs today!

Bella got really adventerous today! Here she is stepping out on the door to the catio and looking cute 

Enzo also did some exploring! He loves the catio and got some sunshine today

Aria is too cute! She got some great use of the window boxes in the office

That's it for today!

Have a purrrfect evening and we'll see you next time!


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