Thursday, April 22, 2021

April 22, 2021

 April 22, 2021

Hi kitty lovers! Today was a quieter day here at All My Kitties as the weather gets a little cooler and everyone gets a little cozier

Apollo is ready to start exploring! He just arrived today and is already quite comfy on top of the condos

Bella is just the sweetest! She was very curious about what was going on in the sink today too

Meanwhile, Enzo spent some quality time out on the catio. He loves getting some fresh air and our heated baskets

Chloe is going home today, but not before we snapped this cute photo of her under the stars

Our other Chloe is also going home today! Here she is looking regal and color matching with the bedding on top of this condo

Dolly is getting settled in and has been having some blissful napping inside of her den

Her sister Millie also has been enjoying staying cozy in her bed today as they both settle in

Jack is never far behind me! He likes to follow me around and sometimes he likes to stretch up and paw at my leg for even more attention!

Kiwi loves the catio! He also love pets, so he's quick to poke his head out when I come by for some loving

Buzz mostly loves hanging in the condo he chose for himself, but he also likes to spend the morning getting some exercise and looking for friends out in the cattery

Maisie was so pleased with how she had scrunched up this bedding up on top of the condos! Glad you're comfy, Maisie!

Our second Millie looked adorable rolling around on our heated tiles!

I'm feeling quite proud of how comfortable Miso has gotten with attention from me and exploring the cattery! 

Missy is the queen of head butts! She and her brother are both huge lovers

Here's Missy's brother Sarge, getting some adorable selfie shots in and making himself comfortable on my shoulder and in my hair

Pepper is too cute rolling around at the top of the stairs. He's a big ham!

Teddy is adorable! He's a little shy, but has been getting out to check out his surroundings lately

Valyria is also a new arrival who has been super watchful of her new environment and is settling in nicely!

And last but not least is Wally! He's enjoying our heated outdoor dens, but is a bit bewildered to learn that I can open it from the top!

That's all for today, folks! We will see you next time

Have a purrrfect night!

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