Saturday, April 24, 2021

April 24, 2021


                                                              April 24, 2021

                                Hello cat pals and happy Saturday. 

It is a rainy day in Seattle today, but the cats are warm here. They are                     busy playing around and even enjoying the catio. 

Apollo was adventuring early this morning, but has been snuggling                                     into the early afternoon.

Arlo has been playing and cruising around the condos. He is easy to                             get along with a mellow demeanor.

Beau has been snoozing all morning. He is cozy inside his condo observing the other cats stroll by.

Dolly likes to stretch her legs and make her rounds throughout the room. When it came to picture time, she was curled up taking a nap. Millie is relaxing in the catio basket, listening to the rain.

Kiwi and Buzz are enjoying the catio. They are social and adventurous as their morning gets started.

Enzo and Bella are master explorers. Bella is incredibly sweet and loves to be pet.

Maisie has been going outside to the balconies, playing with the feather, and jumping from condo to condo. 

Millie is peaking out of the basket and has been enjoying the back shelves for a cozy late morning snooze.

Miso is taking it easy on this Saturday andobserving the hub of the cats cruise around. Miso was adventuring on the catio earlier this morning.

Missy loves her attention and is very affectionate. She is easy going and likes to jump in our laps any chance she gets. Sarg played with the feather and then went down for his nap.

Nimue is watching the playground from up high on the soft carpet.

Petunia is socializing and checking out the surroundings. Talking as the picture was taken.

Pudge kept moving and was difficult to get a clear picture, but we finally got it!

Valyria likes the condo, but also has no problem sniffing around the room and making friends. 

This handsome fellow is Wally. He is shy about his close-up, but has been playing around all morning.

Pugsley and Wednesday have been settling in. They are two peas in a pod and like to investigate every corner of the room.

Hope everyone is having as great of a start to their weekend as we are here.

Have a fantastic Saturday!



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