Sunday, April 4, 2021

April 4, 2021

                                         April 4, 2021

Happy Easter Sunday! The cats are enjoying their cozy holiday.

We hope everyone is having a safe and fun Easter holiday with the people you love. We are making sure to spread the cheer to your cats during their stay.

Apollo has been snoozing all morning, but started to play with the feather tail this afternoon. We tried to get him out for a photo-op, but he could not be bothered in his nap state. 

Archer and Janeway have been out socializing since they got up this morning. They like to adventure out to the catio as well.

Archibald and Floyd spend a lot of time together. Archibald has been more social with the other cats this morning though. Floyd sticks close to his condo and curls up in the blankets.

Bailey is sniffing around all of the condos. She loves being pet and making new friends. She's a natural.

We interrupted Beau's cat nap for a photo-op. He takes lazy Sunday very seriously.

Today is Ben's last day here. He is sweet and likes attention. He flourishes in whatever environment he is in. It has been a real pleasure having him with us.

Blee is starting to come out and investigate his surroundings. He is very sweet and loves pets. He even started making friends with the other young cats.

Buddy has been sleeping all morning, but came out just in time for a photo. He definitely feels safe and cozy curled up in his condo.

Dooder is also going back home today. He plays with Ben's catnip toy and got catnip all over the second floor. He just hunkered down for an afternoon catnap in the catio.

Elko has become very social. She investigates every corner of the room and all the other cats' catios. She loves to be pet and making new friends.

Elko and Apollo were hanging out this morning. They could almost be twins!

Frida is snuggling in her blankets. She is taking her Sunday morning slowly and observing the other rowdy cats. She just arrived today and is settling in.

King and Tut are inseparable. They love cruising through the catio, but also find time to chill in their beds inbetween outings. 

Loki has started to go out of his condo and check out his surroundings. He is still adjusting but is finally settling in. 

Here is LV snuggling and turning in cute positions for the camera. He always begs for pets when someone walks by. He is such a sweetheart.

Oreo has been out on the balconies, in and out of everyone's condos, and jumping from the tops of them. She is active and social with just the cutest disposition.

Persephone has been relaxing in her condo. She is still not sure about us, but it warming up. She takes the cutest pictures.

Smokey is a social butterfly. He is hard to photograph because he is always on the move, rolling around, and finding someone to play around. 

Zolo loves to go out to the catio and has no problems with the other cats. He spends his Easter watching the birds around the yard.

That is it for today and hope everyone has a great rest of their Easter. Have a purrr-fect holiday!


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