Thursday, August 12, 2021

August 12th, 2021

 August 12th, 2021   

Good afternoon, everyone! It is a stunning summer day out today. Lots of the kitties have been "melting", aka lounging out on the catio, sprawled as long and large as they can be!

Before we dive in, I thought I'd show off this adorable picture of Fairy, one of Marie's kitties, who got a bath earlier today. She was so cute all swaddled in her towel, and she wasn't even that grumpy!

Anyway, onto YOUR kitties, our lovey guests staying with us!

Anubis and Azizi just arrived today, so they're definitely still getting used to things. Anubis was happy to give me some cuddles earlier, but Azizi doesn't know me like that yet. 

Handsome Arlo totally loves this condo, and even if it isn't his, he'll often pop in there to take a nap. Arlo is such a sweetie, and I can always trust he isn't getting into trouble.

Bailey was ready to explore this place the moment she set foot inside! I knew she'd be a real adventure cat when we let her out this morning. Looks like her favorite spots are up high on top of the condos!

Bazbeaux just joined us again today. He loves the catio, and spends almost 100% of his stays outside. There's nothing quite like a good nap on a shelf. 

Bingley is quite shy, but oh so sweet. I spent some time earning his trust this morning and getting so many cuddles in return! He was a real ham, once he warmed up to me. He deserves all the noggin rubs!

Our biggest guests right now, Chausette and Caesar, love curling up in their dens. I think it's further proof that cats are liquid - I truly wasn't sure if they'd fit in their huts, but they do, and they love them!

Catbus and Totoro are still the lights of my life. These tiny little munchkins keep us laughing at AMK with their goofy attitudes and total cuteness. I found a good bouncy string toy and played with Catbus for a bit this morning - it must have tuckered her out, because that nap looks delightful!


Siblings Cleo and Jake are loving life around the cattery. Jake found a great perch out on the catio while Cleo adores the baskets and fun spots the indoor cattery has to offer.


Fennec and Nagi have had a lovely day today, too. Fennec is always looking for new friends to play with. He and Scout get along pretty well, and in general Fennec loves to be a trouble maker (not with cats - he's often knocking over whatever I'M in the middle of doing, causing ME trouble... But he sure is cute!). Nagi is a peaceful little angel who loves to get snuggles and has her favorite nap perches mapped out. 

Stunning Georgia! This little lady is pretty independent and doesn't care much for Fennec's antics. She's more interested in solo exploration, and sometimes looks on with amusement at what everyone else is up to. 

My girl, Jaina! If she isn't tucked in her den inside her condo, she's lounging on THIS shelf in the catio. It's her favorite spot! It's great for gazing at the sunflowers. 

Jubilee is getting more and more cuddly here lately! He curled up in my lap after breakfast this morning and sat there demanding pets for a good 30 minutes. It's great having him trust us!

Jules has been exploring the cattery in its entirety today, from where we store the litter boxes to the cat cabins on the catio! He sure seems to be having a blast. 

Kuro has a favorite perch - up on top of the condos in the main cattery. He's less interested in human interaction, but seems to enjoy watching us clean in the mornings. 

Miss Maya found herself out on the catio this afternoon, sharing a shelf with Bazbeaux. Neither of them were thrilled the other was present, but instead of fighting, they just glared at each other and sat together anyway. Friends? Enemies? Who can say... 

Our gal Millie has been keeping things in order on the catio. It's her domain, her favorite place to be. Sweet gal!

Every afternoon, Missy and Sarge come to find me and follow me around - they want to make sure I'm going to feed dinner soon. Yes, my sweet kitties, dinner is on the way!

Moon Unit adores the bed in her condo. She's pretty playful and likes going out on the catio, but man, there's nothing like a good nap in a comfy bed. 

Believe it or not, these photos were taken two days apart. Mowji has a routine she follows every day. She simply MUST have her afternoon nap on the shelf in her condo. 

Newton, while not particularly thrilled to hang out with me, was willing to tolerate my photoshoot this afternoon. He knows which condo is his (which always impresses me! I love when the kitties figure out our routines), and he went ahead and hopped in to give me a tour.

Quinoa normally spends her afternoons on the catio, but she found this shelf to be a great spot this afternoon. She can watch the front door, so there's plenty to see, but she's still inside and can enjoy that cool air.

And last but not least, our sweet guy, Scout! Scout was shy when he first arrived, but with Fennec's help, he has really gained a lot of confidence. He's happy to come ask for cuddles and pets, he'll goof off and bounce around the room, and he really enjoys our window verandas, too!

That's all for today! We'll see you on Saturday for more sweet cats!


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