Wednesday, August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021

 August 18th

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! 

Today, we had a little bit of an experiment to see who would like the pink feather toy the best! Some of our furry friends loved it while others did not even give it a second glance! 

It was no surprise that Apollo loved it! He even woke up from his nap for it!

Bailey, on the other hand, was more cautious! She did not know what to make of it! In both pics, you can see Puss N' Boots and Jules providing moral support!

Baz was not interested at all! He is heading home today and trying to get a quick nap in before he goes! 

Bootsie decided that she was not interested in playing today so she went for a rest in her condo instead!

Caesar is such a sweetie! He had some fast moves with our toy which were not catch on camera! We will just look at these cute pics instead πŸ˜€

Chaussette had no interest! She just wanted to sleep! She was more annoyed than anything!

Diablo found her way under the computer today! It is a favorite on the colder days as it is so warm under there! The perfect place for an afternoon nap πŸ˜€

Fennec spent the morning sitting in my lap as I worked on the computer! He knows that I cannot tell him no πŸ˜€

Nagi has been breaching out from her favorite napping area! This afternoon she joined Fennec for a cat nap in the sun!

Jazz was another who had no interest in playing with me today! His face just says, "Are you serious right now?"

Jules was not interested in the toy so much as she was interested in watching others play with it! She was great moral support!

Juniper is a new furry friend! She is settling in well and enjoys exploring the catio! She loves watching all the other cats from well above their heads!

Kaplan woke from his nap due to the excitement! He was only interested in the toy when he saw it through the catio door!

Kira has settled in well! Although she is not very interested in exploring outside her condo, she is always welcoming to visitors!

Maggie made us laugh! She woke up from her nap to hug the toy and go back to sleep πŸ˜€

 Millie had a similar level of interest! She said, "Excuse me!" and promptly went back to sleep!

Sarge and Missy were their usual sweet selves today! They have really gotten to the staff here and are quick to demand cuddles or food! 

Mowji was off exploring today! She was very surprised to find me taking her picture! 

Mr. Bean has found another place he loves other than his condo! And that is the window seat! He discovered it this morning and has not left the window box since πŸ˜€

Kuro looked down on us with great distain when we offered him the toy! He immediately went back to bird watching!

Newton was curious at first but ultimately, decided that it was below his interest as well! He and Kuro are becoming good friends!

Petunia was more interested in her photoshoot than the toy! And she took a lot of glamour shots!

Puss N' Boots was so funny! He wanted the toy but not enough to get it for himself!

Quinoa was a great audience! She cheered and booed at all the right moments πŸ˜€

Skylar has returned! He is settling in quickly and loves his quiet condo at the top of the stairs!

Sam was quiet the explorer today! He was out and about all morning! We are still not sure if Sam loved the toy or hated it!

Selina loves her condo! She is willing to explore when everyone is busy in the morning but for the most part she waits for Zuri to report back to her! 

Tofu is obsessed with the toy! He went wild; running all over the place and interrupting all cats when it was their turn! It was too funny πŸ˜€

Tuckerman was offended that we invited ourselves into his private cabin! In the first picture, doesn't he look like a proud home owner! 

Zuri is one of the most curious cat that I have ever met! She is always on the move and looking for new things to smell πŸ˜€

Cat Fun Fact! Europe introduced cats into the Americas as a form of pest control in the 1750s!

Thanks for joining us and we will see you all on Friday!

AMK Team 

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