Monday, August 2, 2021

August 2, 2021

 August 2nd 

        Happy August, Everyone! 

The summer is going by too quickly and all our furry friends are loving the sunny days! 

Ahia loves the top of the stairs and playing with our toys (the second pic him watching one of the toys very intently)! He is not super interested in exploring but he loves visitors😀 

Arlo found his mellow today and he decided to camp out for the whole day! He looks so comfortable! 

Birdie was being very photogenic today so I had to add an extra pic! She is always following us around waiting for the cuddles and of course, we give them to her! 
How can you say no to that face?

Coco has really come out of her shell and started to explore today! She loves to be up high in the catio!

Leopold Daniel was very playful today! He loved playing with Fennec and all the different toys we have😀

Fennec is such a sweet guy! He is always down for a cuddle and enjoys playing with his neighbors! 

Ganymede and Io are doing well. Ganymede is not very interested in exploring outside of their condo yet, but that is alright as Io explores enough for both of them😀

Ginger was off adventuring this morning and even convinced Pepper to come with her for a short time 😀

Ginger and Pepper just a cute picture! More pics of Pepper are down below!

Jaina has been exploring today! She has decided that she likes the cat cabins on the catio! 

Kaplan has been interested in hanging out in his condo today! He decided to take a day to himself and spend it napping 😀

King and Tut are going well! Today, they decided to switch it up! 
King stayed inside while Tut went out onto the catio! 

LV is happy to hangout on the tops of the condos! He is becoming good friends with Marvin which is difficult at times because they look similar at a glance 😀

Marvin was really working with us for these glamour shots! He wanted to show that he is both a serious cat and an adventurer!

Millie is back and settled in like she never left! She is such a sweetie and we are happy to have her 😀

Missy is being her sweet self! She always gets jealous if she is not getting 100% of the attention! 

Mowji is settling in well! She is very cuddly with us but does not like other cats on her condo! The second photo is her looking up at Skillet 😀

Nagi! What a cutie! She has come out of her shell and shown that she is such a sweet little girl! She loves to sit on the top of the condos and watch us!

Oreo Henning loves being the lookout at the top of the stairs! He is always ready to greet us as we come through the door 😀

Oreo Wise is up in the office this stay and she loves the window seats! She loves sleeping in the sun with the wind on her face! 

Pepper is so much bolder since her last visit! She loves exploring the catio in the morning and then heading home for an afternoon nap 😀

Phil Collins is being his usually wild self. He is always on the move or sleeping in someone else's bed! He loves to visit!

Potter is a very chill dude! His favorite thing to do is to go around sniffing everything😀

Quinoa and Stitch are becoming friend? Frenemies? They are still trying to figure it out! We will keep you posted!

Rani is out and about! I am so surprised that today both Rani and Thinley (below) are interested in exploring outside their condo! I'm glad I have the photographic evidence😀 

Sarge has been trying out some new places around the catio! We will have to see which place he decides is the most worthy!

Skillet and Skittle are having a grand time. Skittles does not have a lot of interest leaving their condo but Skillet has been super friendly and loves to visit with others😀

Speedy is the master of napping! She has tried out everyone else's condo only to decide that she like my chair the best! 

Stitch is back! And we are so excited to have him! He has been off on his own adventures since he arrive but I think we finally have some good pictures of him 😀

Thinley was out and about today! He was exploring all morning and is now taking a well deserved rest!

Cat Fun FactThere are about 88 million pet cats in the United States, which makes them the most popular pet in the country!

Have a great week and we will see you on Thursday!

AMK Team 

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