Tuesday, August 10, 2021

August 10, 2021

 August 10th 

We are having a wonderful Tuesday here! We wish you are all having as good a time as our kitties!

I could not get any of our furry friend to wear sunglasses so we will have to stick with this google image πŸ˜€

Apollo was being his usually playful self today! He is still hunting for a playmate but now that he has moved downstairs he has even more friends πŸ˜€

I wonder if Arlo is named after Arlo Guthrie! He is such a laidback hippie! 

Caesar is another well named cat! He goes between plotting and acting majestic multiple times a day πŸ˜€

Chaussette is such a silly girl!
 She is always rolling all over the floor first thing in the morning!

Catbus and Totoro are having a grand time! They love playing with each other! 

Fennec is a very playful guy! He did a great job catching his toy today!

Georgia has settled in well! She has decided that we loves to explore the closet! When in doubt, that is where you can find her πŸ˜€

Goose headed home this afternoon! We will miss him and look forward to his next visit! 

Jaina loves to be up high in the catio but she will always come down for a chat πŸ˜€

Jubilee is the king of the top of the condos! He is always bouncing between condos for his afternoon naps πŸ˜€

Kaplan decided that he deserved a lazy day! We agree! 
He has been very well mannered with everyone!

Kuro is settling in well. He has decided that during his exploration of the facility that the hidden window is the best place to be πŸ˜€

Maisie loves the catio! Every evening it is a debate with her about going back to the condo! She knows her own mind πŸ˜€

Millie is being her usually sassy self! She loves to observe all activity from her favorite perch in the catio! 

Missy and Sarge know the drill! They love exploring or just chilling in their condo πŸ˜€

Moon Unit was being extra silly today! Every time I cleaned a condo, she would immediately test it out for the next! What a cutie and thoughtful helper πŸ˜€

Mowji did a lot of exploring today! She was inside every closet and condo!

Nagi has found her favorite place and it is on top of the condo next to her own! 

Quinoa was especially playful today! She followed us around inspecting all the work we did! What a cute and diligent supervisor πŸ˜€

Scout did a lot of exploring today! She is a big fan of her condo and will make sure that she checks in every once and while!

CAT FUN FACT! According to a Hebrew legend, God created cats after Noah prayed for help in protecting the food stores on the Ark from being eaten by rats. In return, God made a lion sneeze and out came a pair of cats. 

Ta Ta For Now!
AMK Team 

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