Saturday, August 28, 2021

August 28, 2021

 August 28th 

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend! Today has been beautiful and all our furry friends are looking it!

Zuri has been off exploring as usual! She likes sitting on the top of the computer desk or on the back of my chair! 

Zolo is not very interested in the other cats yet but he does love following me around as I clean! What a good helper!

Tuckerman is a very polite guy! He always waits patiently for his food or a head scratch!

Spark loves his condo! He is not interested in being friends yet but he loves his cabin!

Sarge decided that he wanted a relaxing day and decided to nap in his condo!


Salina spent the entire morning sleeping in the window box! She is much quieter than her sister but demands cuddles just as much!

Roscoe is out and about! He loves sitting high in the catio! He loves to explore and has surprised me a couple times by popping out where I do not expect him!

Raffy has spent the majority of the afternoon in the window box! He loves to take naps in the sun!

Petunia loves a good photo shoot almost as much as she likes her snacks! What a sweetie!

Ginger and Pepper settling down for an afternoon nap!

Pepper is a bit of a home body! She like to watch everyone from the comfort of her bed!

Oreo is being her usual vocal self! We always know what she wants and when she wants it! Today, she just wanted to nap on the catio! 

Nimbus wanted to explore everything today! He climbed onto my shoulders three different times to see what I was doing on the computer!

Mowji was out and about this morning! She decided that it was her turn for a window seat and Beesley was kind enough to let her have it!

Mittens was not ready for her photo shoot! She just wanted to go back to sleep! She is too cute!

Missy was demanding all of the love this morning! She knows she is cute and how to use that against us!

Ming was very chatty today! He narrated his entire afternoon adventure letting me know where he was and what he had found! 

Midnight Star has found her favorite place in the catio! Doesn't she look like a proud new home owner?! 

Kuma chooses a new condo to stay in everyday! Every morning, he walks around until he finds the one he wants! What a silly kitty! 

Juniper is loving the warmer weather! She has been relaxing out in the sun all afternoon! She is living the dream!

Josie has discovered that she loves the catio! I am not sure if we will be able to convince her to sleep in her condo!

Joey and Phoebe are the best nappers! When in doubt, you can find them napping on the top of the condos! 

Jinx is a very sweet guy! He loves cuddles and napping on whatever is the fluffiest blanket around!

Jessica has decided that her favorite place is on top of the condos! She spent most of today napping up there! You can see that she was not very happy when I woke her while trying to get a picture! 

Ginger and Zolo sharing the morning sun!

Ginger loves sunbathing! She can always be found rolling around where it is the sunniest!

Felix and Nimbus realizing together!

Felix is settling in well! He did some exploring today before deciding to relax in his condo!

Charlie is settling in as well! She loves her quiet condo where she take long naps with all her pillows!

Bunwan was not interested in exploring today! She decided that she wanted to relax in her condo instead!

Braveheart is back and it is like she never left! She loves her condo and is already off exploring!

Beesley took his turn in the window box this morning! He has been extra curious today and loves running into our supply closet! 

Cat Fun Facts! Cats’ claws all curve downward, which means that they can’t climb down trees head-first. Instead, they have to back down the trunk.

See you all on Monday! Have a great rest of your weekend! 



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