Wednesday, August 4, 2021

August 4th, 2021

 August 4th, 2021

Happy Hump Day! It's easy coasting into the weekend from here. Please enjoy this cute short story we found the other day:

Well, I DID say it was short! 😄 Let's check out what our kitties are up to today!

Ahia has spent most of her day chilling out in her condo. This sweet lady got lots of noggin rubs this morning when I came around cleaning! Her mood for the day was very content.

Apollo's up next! He adores the tops of the condos in the office. A great place to nap, hide, and check out what's going on down below. He's a favorite of ours around AMK!

The ever-so-fluffy Mr. Arlo hung out with me this morning while I cleaned the condos! He posed so cute for his photos, and got some good chin scratches, too!

Bird has been so delightfully silly today! She rolled around on the stairs, accidentally sliding down them more than once. It's also been a great day for the kitties to show off their tummies, lots of our guests were rolling over today!

Miss Coco wasn't thrilled for photoshoot time, but she humored me for a few shots before perching on the catio and enjoying a nice nap. 

Fennec and Nagi are still as much of opposites as ever - Fennec makes friends with just about everyone, saying hi to the other kitties, crawling in our laps when we're working on the computer... While Nagi is much more shy and sophisticated, loving some one on one, individual attention rather than bouncing around the office!

Ganymede and Io are lovely guests. Ganymede tends to take things slower, a little more of a shy fella, though still very friendly. Io likes to explore more and is always overjoyed when dinner comes!

Sisters Ginger and Pepper did their own thing today, Ginger loving the sunlight to bask in for her nap and Pepper preferring their den inside. Both gals got lots of love. They just looked so cute!

Goose is still a little suspicious of everything, but he's nice and comfy in his own den. This sweet little guy can take his time meeting new faces, and stay cozy in his bed until he's ready. 

Kaplan was a real goofball today! He really loved this chair. He looked like such a handsome guy perched up so proper in his seat. 

King and Tut are both having great days! Between a cozy spot on the indoor shelves and a breezy spot on the outdoor shelves, they've got their bases covered. 

Leopold Daniel has really opened up around here! He's gotten comfortable and confident in the office, and even comes around for a cuddle every now and then. He's got such a handsome little face. 

LV was SO comfortable in his basket today!! He was rolling all over the place. What a handsome fella!

Miss Maisie keeps things prim and proper in her condo, staying tucked away and cozy for most of her stay. She's a sweet gal!

A very sleepy Marvin found a purrfect nap spot on top of the condos today. 

Millie is back with us!! One of our regulars, Millie adores the catio and is almost always found on top of one of the outdoor shelves, occasionally snuggled in a basket. 

Jaina may be shy, but she's warming up to the idea of exploring the cattery! She's a fan of our catio, though she's still playing it cool with me. I think we'll be best buds in another day or so. 

Mowji's made herself at home in her condo! Her den is one of her favorite places to be. She played with us a bit this morning and overall had a great day. 

Oreo is so cute and quirky! She got to spend some time in one of the window seats, gazing at the stunning view of Mt. Rainier. She's a bubbly gal who seems to enjoy being around people a lot!

Phil found a cute hut to hide out in today! He's a big fan of naps, but he's always happy to let me know when it's almost time for dinner. 

Speedy and Potter have made themselves at home from the get go. Potter had what looks to be an absolutely lovely nap in one of the window verandas today. 

Quinoa soaked up the sun today, too, showing off her tummy to the warm rays and delicious breeze. 

Missy and Sarge both spent their day as usual - Missy curled up inside, Sarge keeping things in order outside! I love to get a good snuggle in with Sarge - he seems real tough, but he's a softie. 

And last but not least, we have Skittle and Skillet! While we often see one of these two curled up in their den, they both love to come out for pets and attention around dinner time. As long as food is involved! :)

Here's your fun cat fact of the day: cats are believed to be the only mammals that can't taste sweetness! They're sweet enough already, in my opinion.😊


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