Sunday, August 22, 2021

August 22nd, 2021

August 22nd, 2021
Happy Sunday from your pals over at AMK! It's a super busy day here - Sundays usually mean lots of check outs, but we also had a few check-ins, too! Here's some photos of the kitties that felt like participating in today's time-crunch photoshoot!

Beesley is a new guest here at AMK but she is making herself right at home! She found a friend in Zuri, who is pretty curious herself. 

Fifa and Olive are having a great day! These gals are so sweet, and love to come say hi while I'm working. Fifa even hung out with her pal Zuri for a moment near the window seat! Zuri is a popular friend amongst the office kitties. 

Fennec and Nagi continue to brighten each day they're here. Nagi adores her bed on top of her condo, while Fennec likes to be where the action is. He sat in my lap for a good half hour while I answered emails earlier. Quite the cuddle bug!


Gitana and Mia have been enjoying their condo the most this stay, though they both like taking quick trips to the catio, or to the top of the stairs to see what's going on. 

Phoebe and Joey are absolutely adorable and so fluffy! They've been finding new spots to snuggle - whether they appear to be napping spots or not. 

Jules looks very handsome for his afternoon nap! He's so soft, I love when he comes to brush up against my leg and say hello. What a sweetie. 

Kaplan was looking very large and in charge today, quite the little man! Very handsome. I think he spotted some catnip. 

The thing Kuro loves most is to be left alone to nap on top of the condos. We say a quick hello when I pass, but for the most part, he enjoys his duties as supervisor. 

Mr. Leo has been curious today, exploring every corner of the catio! He seems proud of his discoveries. 

Midnight Star and Pepito joined us yesterday. Both seem to be adjusting well, though Midnight might think she's looking in funhouse mirrors with the number of similarly looking black cats we have right now!

Millie's spent today in her favorite place, the catio. Typically, we'd find her in a basket, but she also wanted to stretch out a bit today!

Missy was positioned at the perfect height to be eye level with me earlier. We had a quick chat about how her day is going, and she licked my nose. Sarge most enjoys being left alone, though he still purrs when I come give him attention. 

Mittens joined us earlier and went straight to her spot on the catio! A great location to see all the newcomers, observe the garden, and keep an eye on everyone else. 

Earlier today, I kid you not, Mowji just looked at me and started purring. How sweet! She got lots of pets and cuddle time for that. 

Sweet Petunia! Miss Tunie has been all over the cattery today. Again, she usually prefers a basket, but it was a good day to get in a little exercise. 

Handsome Phil Collins is here today as well! I love his eye freckle. He's a big sweetie, I love when he is with us.

Quinoa just recently discovered this basket (Juniper must have told her about it) and she's a huge fan. She's right next to the door where the food comes out, so she can be prepared for dinnertime. 

Raffy is one of our more independent guests. He likes to sleep on top of the condos. Just serve him his breakfast or dinner in bed and he's happy.

I simply could not resist this hilarious face from Roscoe. He loves that pink feather toy in the background - it's probably his favorite pastime. 

The popular kitty around the office, Zuri, and her sweet, quiet sister Selina have had a lovely day. Zuri is curious without being rude, so she makes a lot of friends. Selina prefers to keep to herself, keeping their bed warm while Zuri is away.

Handsome Tuckerman looked like a little model today, perched out on the catio! He's a real sweetie, and the cat cabins are a popular place to find him curled up. 

Miss Juniper adventured out onto the catio for a bit today, but she tends to prefer an indoor cozy spot. She's also very quick! She can hop up the stairs in no time. Very impressive.

That's all the kitties we have for you today! Don't see your fur baby? Don't worry! Not everyone cleared space in their busy schedule for the photoshoot today - a few friends were busy napping under condos or having too much fun to slow down for a picture. Between our check ins and check outs, I'm not sure I snapped a photo of everyone.

We'll be back on Tuesday for more kitty fun (and less rushing around 😄)



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