Monday, August 16, 2021

August 16th, 2021

 August 16th, 2021

It's Monday once again, and the kitties know it! Or maybe it's just the nice cloudy day vibes we have here today. Either way, our gang of kittens is curled up and cozy this afternoon. Take a look!

Mr. Apollo was in the middle of a nap when I came to take photos, but didn't mind since he also got some cuddles in exchange. 

Bailey is a playful and curious type of kitty, but even she was ready to get cozy this afternoon!

Big man Bazbeaux is holding things down out on the catio, catching z's and watching the birds. 

Handsome Bingley has stolen my heart. He was a little shy when he first arrived, but after some quality cuddles, he is the friendliest little guy. He and Fennec have gotten along swimmingly!

Puss N Boots and Bootsie are both in their favorite spots - on top of the condos and in her den, respectively. These two kitties know the drill around here and have their favorite spots on lock.

Caesar and Chausette have been cracking me up. They are two of the largest cats we have in the cattery right now, but they both adore their little basket. They fit juuuust right!

Cleo and Jake were in their favorite spots today, too. I almost couldn't see Cleo, but her ears gave her away. Jake has his favorite perch out on the catio, and Cleo just loves her basket.

Fennec and Nagi are two of my favorite little guys right now. Nagi is gentle and sweet, she spent the day napping in her fluffy bed. Fennec is a total goofball, but I caught a (very blurry) photo of him and Bingley saying hello to each other!

Jazz found one of the heated baskets out on the catio and has stayed curled up for as much of the day as possible! Fresh air AND staying cozy? Sounds like heaven.

Jubilee has been very chatty today! I think he must be ready for dinner. He's been so sweet here lately, it's great seeing kitties warm up to us!

Cutie Jules likes to follow me around the cattery. We played with a feather toy today and she was a big fan!

Kaplan is another one of our BIG boys. He's huge, but usually pretty sweet! He likes to nap out on the catio most of the day. 

Kuro has looked like a little shadow with eyes today. He's a big fan of napping high up on the condos. 

Maggie was a cute little ham today as she rolled around in her fluffy cheetah print bed! She definitely had the right idea for today.

Millie found a good basket out on the catio today, too, and stayed nice and cozy. I can't believe I caught that photo of her sleeping so soundly! I'm notorious for accidentally waking kitties up.

Sarge and Missy have had a pretty normal day. Sarge tried to greet a few new friends at drop off today, which as kind of him, and Missy is keeping an eye out for dinner.

Mowji had entertainment galore today as she watched Fennec bounce around the room. She's not yet interested in joining the fun, but she does love to watch.

Mr. Bean is new here and hasn't quite decided what he thinks of it all yet. He really adores his den, and he looked quite content and cozy in there. 

Newton got a turn with the feather toy today, too, and he followed me around into the main cattery with it. He's a sweet guy, but usually prefers to be pretty independent. 

My gal Petunia! It's been a moment since she has come to visit, but she is one of the best little ladies. You'd think the baskets on the catio were made for her, the way she fits perfectly in them. 

Quinoa followed me around for a while when I took photos of everyone, so she got a little bit of feather toy playtime, too. I think she was more interested in hearing how dinner was coming along. 

Ron was a purrfect sleeping angel today. Super cozy in his bed, I gave him a few pets and then let him sleep. 

Selina is a quiet sort of curious cat, while Zuri is happy to get ALL up in your business! I think Zuri has investigated every corner of the room. 

Handsome Stitch is one of our regulars who has gotten VERY good at our routines here! When he first arrived, he hopped out of the carrier and walked right into his condo without a second thought. I also discovered he is a BIG fan of the feather toy, so we played with that for a while. 

Cutie Tofu's condo is in the perfect spot to see outside onto the catio AND see what's going on inside the main cattery. He's got a great view all around from his top shelf!

Tuckerman looked SO cozy in one of our cat cabins earlier today. What a great naptime that must have been! 

That's all for today! We'll be back again Wednesday with more kitty updates. See you soon!


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